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  1. Hello! miss you all. Still working on getting my comp fixed. Something wrong with graphics card. I can't even watch youtube without it shitting on me. See yall soon, i hope.😘



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kai


      Might update it to windows 10 perhaps

    3. AzkaL101


      Dx, miss playing with you too broski. Hey Kai, I have windows 10 but it i had problems with the update. Maybe ill reinstall it or something. Cheers.

    4. Kai


      Get 1903 version its latest , it might take some time , but it's worth the wait 

  2. belated happy birthday, sis!
  3. ran out of pokeballs, so i had to improvise to catch @RedAngel
  4. I too love playing tennis in the winter Good playing with you, hope to catch ya on the servers again man
  5. Im so happy to be a member with FA. Yall have been so fun to hang out with. To many more! 🍻🍻

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    2. AzkaL101


      @GoongalaJones thanks bro!

      @Neuro Ty, youre awesome too!

      @Hulk 🍻

    3. Sisje


      So happy to have you with us!

    4. AzkaL101


      @Sisjei am too, thanks for inviting me to the FAm!

  6. @Hulk @Cit0 soooo a handful of months later and all our teams making the playoffs! any given sunday, i tell ya!
  7. Whoa, that's exactly one of the things I'm talking about! So creative, that's one lucky grandkid haha
  8. Ive never heard of chunky bar but ill look for it; raisinets (sp?) are top three candies for me so that sounds really good. Awesome cavemen costume! halloween is my favorite holiday bc people show their creative side!
  9. Hello! I didn't know where to post this but i was wondering what was your most memorable halloween story? Any favorite candy, costume, party or haunted house you'd like to share? Mine happened in 6th grade when we had a haunted house at our school gymnasium. A group of us were going through it when we passed through a scene from an operation room. The 'doctor' was in scrubs and was fishing through the patient on the OR table. She pulled out 'guts' which was really just spaghetti but one of the girls in our group got really nauseous and threw up on the floor. Crazyyyy
  10. @Cit0 yeah i remember williams, he had a big name coming out of college. hopefully it turns the corner for the chargers!
  11. @Hulk Chicago was lucky to play a banged up seahawks defense. Wilson can drop dimes at any moment. How did they fix the oline? I have seen horrible linemen play for the bears and Ifedi (sp?) brings back bad memories. Playing Miller then mack back to back could put any person in the crazy house!
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