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Hey all. I know it's been awhile. Sorry if any of you were worried about me. I guess I needed some time to figure some things out, and what exactly I needed in my life. This year has been pretty rough. Everything decided to go almost as horrible as possible, and I lost sight of the progress I've made in light of that, and needed to think. Also, I'm avoiding modern war-games at the moment because they are a little to close to home while I'm working with veteran's affairs here in Canada to get treatment. I really dislike Facebook now, and a lot of my socializing was here. I guess i ended up becoming a hermit for a while there with all the isolation. There was and is still so much going on, it's tough to keep everything straight. This year is definitely a test for me. I'm not sure why I'm telling you guys all this, exactly, but it feels good. I guess I trust you. Anyway, in an effort to avoid getting too deep, I'll wrap this up. I just wanted to clarify any misconceptions, and share a bit.


Ps. I have 149 unread notifications O_o


That's all for now,





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It's always great to hear from you, V! You are a strong person, and I believe in you. 


I wish you nothing but the best, dear fellow!


P.S. Best of luck with the 149 notifications. Always a bloody hassle to go through notifications left alone for a while :P

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glad to here from you i wish you all the best things will work out keep your head up 

and if you need to chat you know were im at now get to reading those notifications :P


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