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And so cometh the end of the decade - My top 10 F|A Moments




10 years, blimey theyve gone quick havent they? And what a 10 years it has been. From the fear of the millenium bug, to the fear of the death of stand-alone pc games (online gaming aure has come a long way from LAN parties) , to the acceptance of global warming as fact ,the final harry potter book and the death of MJ. Go round the net and you can find several blogs and journal articles on what people belive have been the definig moments of the noughties. for me , i dont think i could do justice if i limited myself to picking out moments from the cultrue, and besides you dont want to read more of the same. nor do you want ot read about me , so i will be picking a more different route and going for


Top ten F|A moments


These are by no means in order, and by no means will i include 'birth of F|A' as that is a givern - without it, i wouldent be writing this after all '



10) The Deathbringer cometh ...and goes (changing his age several times along the way)




Really, this guy goes down in the halls of fame in a fiery ball he struck himself. Although long since gone, his threads and posts remain much loved for the quotes they inspired such as


1. Yes I (Daredevil) is racist. Now go to Obama and tell him daredevil is racist or you can law suit on me.



dare is after mexicans then polish ppl...hes the new mexicutioner...thats why now i only play undercover,last time he said something about "going after the tacos"...



9) Lock up your girls - Maj Winters is coming down town (and he is rather allergic to girls)




id love for any of you to see me in person ill f***in break all your noises and bury you in a ditch.


He may have only lasted one thread , but what a thread. Whilst commiting sucide can be rather easy, turning it into an art is not. Maj did not so much fall down the wellshaft as bury the president in it and shit on the corpse . Perhaps still the only man to have threatened physical violence and insult both Fem and Baska in one thread, the thought of a cage fight between him and joe alas still remains that


Fuk that shit, next time I m in Vegas i ll pm you to meet so I can kick your little girly ass.


And speaking of Baska...



8) Few have sexier voices than Baska (and fewer still admin abuser like her :P)




Mmm..people know im useless on vent. Which is a shame because Xfire is a btard and Vista and PB have finally manged what theyve been trying for several months and have killed my ET experience dead. As such my only method of communciation for most is the forum and who reads my essays :P But going back to the topic on the hand, a top moment must be plucking up my lil' courage and speaking to Baska on vent for the first time. Worth it for the sexy voice, worth it even more just to talk to the little pumpkin


7) NQ arrives guns blazing..and runs out of ammo a few months later




Boy did it take its sweet time coming , but boy what fun it was when it did. Unlimited ammo, unlimted charge bar. Lots of bots. What else could you want? Well alright, there were also some sweet vsays. Sady, this is no longer true of it, but the memories wil always been in the hearts of thos who live with their rose-tinted specs on



6) KYN


He took a short-break



5) Forums go IPB


Ok so its costing Dare a packet and not enough people donate. Lets not dwell on the guilytness, and instead unshamefully revel in the glory of IPB - blogs, skins, profiles .etc



4) Pepe and a bed of money




At this point im listening to Foo Fighters 'My Hero' . People know i go sentimental sometimes. Boy i have a lot of people i like and love on this server. Why Pepe is here and other people (appart from Baska of course ) isint becausse of the goldrush incident. Never has there been more a humbling expereince in recent memory. Check my past blog (do love pointless advertising) for more info!



3) Living ..breathing ETPUB


Before NQ came , i was an ETPUB lover. No doubt, ETPUB will be where i truly wasted most of hours, getting to know Mex, Childsplay, Ackmey and the others, and just how abusive Milli can be...



2) Becoming a forum mod


You may not know this, but i am a forum mod. Maybe its a bit selfish of me to choose this as a top ten moment, but for me it was a very nice day. I do seem to spend more tiem on these forums than in-game, and many a time i wanted to move thread,merge or even close. And now i can. Withen reason of course :)



1)The whole =F|A= Experience


Oh why not. It would be just plain wrong to say it hasent been a blast. I will always vbe amused at how quickly F|A has risen to the top, and i will always be delgihted with the njew friends i made here - Skull , Tonka , Valk etc



So thats it, my top ten moments. Perhaps not the best moments ever, but sure as hell they are for me. I hope you too have had a great 10 years, not just F|A years, and hope to see you on the other side of new years :P


Peace all



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haha nice one :) Always your blogs are worth to read :P Wait for new Blogs... they will look much nicer and clear.

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My name's in it. ^^ :lol:


Nice post :P


This is Blog not post :(


PS Killyounow is Banned and Fred is also banned since long time and as per latest news he got busted for using hack LOL

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omg f257 knows my name !!!!!!!!


Next time i see you or baska on vent i'll try to be brave and talk lol!

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