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Yellow's epic journey vol.3

yellow flash



So here we go second last day off my trip.


I woke up in the hotel at 8:00 am by my iphone's alarm clock i brush teeth and go down for breakfest.

i come up and look at clock its 8:20am i still got 20 min before i leave to trainstation, since im going to take the 9:00 am train to Dordrecht.


Meanwhile in Dordrecht Alexandra and Raziel woke up so when i text im at station they come to get me. Back to hotel, so i open Tv watch some belgium tv and fall a sleep i wake up at 9:35 .... shiet. I walk to station take the train and text alexandra that im in train she text me back alright :P.

yeah i know they woke up early to get to station but hey belgium tv makes me sleepy.


Once i reach station i w8 outside couple of minuts and then Raz and Dino arrives. So Dino shows up town for us all the CLOSED shops and bars really nice way to spend sunday morning. After 15min walking we find bench hmm or is it art dont know but we sit on it. Soon we see police car driving our direction and we panic well i did ;P, but they didnot came for us. So after police left we go see the docks and sit on nice bar. we order drinks and look at sky and think about going inside, its good that we did go inside since it started to rain soon after. Inside we order nother drinks and talk about all stuff and order bitterballs and if recall raz mentioned something about dutch and balls. After eating tasty bitterballs we head to town central, meanwhile the city has woke up and we see lots of street artist's on the way ( if u can call 2 stick on tree with clue to art).


we walk around Alexandra shows up the town for us and we decide to go up her place so raz can cook for us amazing meall.

At Dino's place Raz starts cooking for us and Alexandra make's salad for us meanwhile i was watching cat and drinking beer.

So dinner is ready we go sit outside in the balcony to eat and listen music. There is some cover band playing old and new songs mixed together. Personally i never heard anyone so good at singing AC/DC covers omg the voice :). Then me and raz tryed to sing to lyrics but they changed them bit so we/i was left alone singing and failing. Dinner was great thanks to salad maker and cook.

Then Finish engineer tryes to open balcony door but since its to complex door he cannot do so, Dino steps in and helps but she's arms are to short to open and raziel was too lazy to help us. So we hade no other way than knock the window so alexandra's mom would come to open it and so she did.Once i get inside i see cat sitting at stairs and looking at me, scariest moment of my life that cat is evil! Dino showed her house to me and her room wich is full of coalas, kangraroos and stfuuf from australia. And of Forum addict dino hade to check forums fast.


We decide to go out see the festival a bit, Raziel buys some small pancakes (cant remember name) wich is full of sugar and butter, yamm ;P. Meanwhile Dino bought French fries for her mom.

So we go deliver those to her, once we get door open dino decides to throw half of French fries on the floor, i quess thats art in dutch. After cleaning dutch art from floor we move on to buy some beer we drink those fast , coz it was bad.... and we go near bar get some real beer -> Palm. We drink and sit and talk and see Austria's flags wich was wierd to me and Raziel. After we finished those drinks we go for walk to station to ask when does last train leave to Antwerpen so i dont miss it. Dino translates dutch for me and we are off to buy icecream! i bought vanilla , dino took mango i think and Raziel is not fun guy at all and doesnt take anything he did saw pokemon flavour icecream and was tempted to taste but meh hes Raz....


We sit near and watch birds and and talk about car license plates. Again more walking and we see car with license plate DD ;P. Also found car where there was painted Joker in the door.

We walk around see more Austria flags and smell some smells from coffee shop, yagh smells bad. We get bit hungry again and we go to the bar where we were at first and order some more bitterballs, after waiting 40min for waitress since they seemed to ignore us i dont get it we are just Fintard, Dino and German pony. So we eat again and drink and i fail to get bitterballens to my mouth for some reason they keep dropping on the table then i look at clock and its time for me to catch train so we start walking to station. We saw boat in the docks named Pieter boellen wich was funny since what we ate. we walk some more and stop to buy some local treat i think it was called something like strufenwafel ;P (Dino or raziel correct me please ;P). Once we get those we are off to station again, we stop at traffic lights near the station and see my train leaving :P but luckily it wasnt the last so we sit at station and wait for my train. Soon some local badass man comes there askin for cigarette in dutch from Raziel and since we dont smoke raz says no. And then the badass shows some badass moves and curses above us and and yeah doing some more badass stuff and leaves. After longest hour ever train finally comes i say bb to Raz and dino and get on train.


Next day is boring i sit on train, i sit on airplane, i sit on terminal , i sit on airplane, i sit on car, i go to sleep. Wake up and sit in car again.


So in my trip i spended about 21h at terminal, 8h in train/metro/buss, 6h in airplane and 12h car driving. But i'd do it again to meet some crazy fun people and spend 2 days drinking beer :)!


<3 Raziel, Alexandra, Ajnl, The Dude, Dfighter, Drjoske

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