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Yellow's drunken memories a.k.a fintard show

yellow flash



So i think ive hade this so called fintard show 3 times, i dont remember everything so i just write some sentence's (collection of my and laintime's memories) ... its gonna be "fintard logic" blog so yeah.... :)


First time was in Jiidu's place few months ago, i was in my auntie's husbands 50th birthday party and drank there something and then went to jiidu's place for after party we visited local pub first b4 fintard show began. So we joined ts i cant remember what we talked mainly and did i play et but few fun things stuck on my head and some others apparently.


- Raffle ("when i win raffle i join minecraft server with you guys", i guess i pronounce it in funny way)

- italian story (Jiidu:"When i was in ittale we played basketball and ate icecream", some funny story jiidu likes's to tell when he is drunk)

- cats/beer (Yellow"Do we have more beer?", Jiidu"no but we have cats", Yellow"lets eat cat food/cats"(or smthing like that :P))

that night i passed out on jiidus place and hangover? never hade it lol.



Second time was in my beach house with me jiidu and other ruispiirakka(his ts name), so we hade LAN party we played TM,CS:GO,ET and BF3 we hade blast we started drinking at 18:00 so we hade all night head of us. Jiidu and ruispiirakka made their english video presentation with little tipsy and sended them to teacher was pretty hilarious specily coz i was on background playing ET and yelling some random finnish words. So we continued drinking beer and at some point i taped mouse on my hand so i could talk on ts while i was under the table (dont ask why i was under it, i guess its somekind fetish of mine...).

As the evening continued i started singing at somepoint only song i remember singing was Britney spears - Toxic. Next morning we played driving games for 4h and no hangover wich was awsome :)

(There is in my gallery also pic of me about this fintard show)




Latest fintard show was last saturday, at jiidu's place. We played rainbow six and nhl 2012 on xbox and i was on TS on jiidu's computer allthough i afked alot coz nhl2010 :). Ruispiirakka was awsome at rainbowsix it went like this , ruispiirakka:" Watch out jiidu" , Jiidu:"what", "BOOOM!" , ruispiirakka:"sry my nade :P" that happend 2 times until i switched with ruispiirakka :). This time there was no singing on ts sadly :P coz for some reason jiidu dont like when i sing..... . Once again i dont remember what were mainly talking but when there was lots of people and masa and baska were also on ts i apparently called masa to maska when i hade to something to say to him. This time also i went under the table few times until someone game to me and sayd "Mitä vittua sie teet" ("WTF are you doing"). next morning we l played nhl 2010 and path of exile, we alsoe ate breakfest on kitchen table and started to remove some coins from it what were stuck on it by cat pee.... Once i got home i was like cool no hangover expect almost threw up few times and headach so bad i wanted to roll over and die... and ofc first time ever i hade hangover day2....


So i wanna thank all who were on ts at those fintard show.







Soulhjamo? not sure tho if he was :P

And ofc Laintime!! my swetard friend who is allways with me on ts.


if i forgot someone or something please comment :P or dont.....


ps i wanna apogolize for those with who i talked on xfire during these show since i have no idea what i have sayd :P


also made some epic poem luckily lain hade saved it. this was last saturday.


<21:20:04> "chosen one": with lain its allways lame,

but baska brings the party,



gubbi and tipsy goes with wubbi and wipsy

, but all put smiles when joker jokes about fintards!



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