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Yellows epic journey vol.2 take 2

yellow flash



So now i am sitting in a bus to amsterdam central station. I buy ticket to antwerpen but since train leaves every hour i go see city for awhile. I walk out main door and see wierd green wood building on my left so i go check that out. Once i arrive at the main door it says Nemo hmm "what's that". I shall step inside and findout what it is, ok so its like amusement park for smart kids , since aim one i shall enter and buy ticket.

Inside i learned cool stuff like if hold wheel spin it then turn it u turn aswell if sitting on chair Cool!


About 1h from that i walk to city and i see red lights ........... Since we got kid readers lets leave it like that.


Now im in antwerpen, isnt it cool as reader you can skip the sitting in train. So as i was saying i arrived in antwerpen and walked out from maindoor and in right side i see Zoo, since im fan of cute animals i go in.

Tehy got lots of cute and non cute animals, they also got moron ( try quess what animal). They also got small overpriced icecream but i love icecream so i took 2.


I look at my phone's clock and think its time to go see my hotel. Im walking down the street and i see diamond shop , thats not something u see in finland + theres like ziljon of them. Also saw lots of jews, male's hade funny looking hair;) but who am i to say something like that as you all see from photos.

In no time i arrive in to my hotel , all thanks to my awsome map teading skills, i check my self in drop my bag and go look for something to eat.


I find small restaraunt/bar and ask for menu, its dutch ... So ill order one thing i can understand pizza!

Pizza was good so as the beer i pay tip and leave. I run into somekid of market , hmm i could take some snacks so why not. I ended up buying 2 banana and 3€ red wine. In my hotel room i open tv and close it since im in belgium .....


Next morning i wake up eat breakset and hit the town.


I check few stores and shop but never bought anything. At about 12 ill start going to starbucks where i order medium coffee not gigantic. I text alexandra about the logation and she text's back "look for banana box!".

After 30 min talking and drinking coffee our tour guide arrivas and introduce's him self as THE Dude.

Soon we realize theres no point waiting for moron anymore since hes propably lost. So our guide takes us in dark bar underground where sip some johny walker and talk about life and FA, like there is life outside FA. We get back to station to take Raziel da "cook" with us to next dark bar. Where we drink and talk and laugh.


After a while we all agree that Dfighter is hubgry we look for restaraunt and end up in pizza place, even though 1dino wanted steak or Mc'Donalds. So we order 6 pizza and 1 "ninja vege bread wannabe chicken pizza". Pizza was good so as the company we say bb to cook who was crying about crime against all pizzas. We get out of pizza place and Dfighter makes some room for desert ;p .


We bid farewell to Dfighter who hade leave so sad , but we continue our tour with our guide. So we end up in top of some museum, well me and aj since rest are taking it slow and noob way. We take nice pictures and learn few thing from The Dudes country.


But we shall continue our meeting in pool table but before that we do some local fun called "smack omar".

So we all play pool in our own way and mixed rules but it was fun watching when dino tries to hit ball with small hands. After pool we say goodbay and go our own ways.


So Thank you guys for lovely day with you! Hope we do it again some day.


That was my long story short thank you if u read it, vol.3 is coming also with evil cat and more fails by dino and fintartd.


Fintard out.



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yeah, me and my finish bro kept using the stares instead of the escalator. According to the rest that was too "healthy" :P


lmao red lights! That's my favorite place to go ;)

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Ah! Nemo is awesome :] Been there too when I was a kid. Think that's the place where you can make gigantic bubbles and stand in it


Haha can't wait to read the next part :P Our epic fails

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