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Epic journey with yellow

yellow flash



So my journey started wednesday i drove to helsinki with broken back and mouth full of painkillers. I stayed the night in cousins home who offered me hes nice collection of dvd's to take home after my trip.


Next morning he dropped me of at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport terminal 2 as you know u cant bring drinks trough security check well you can but only 100ml so ofc i get thirsty but omg the prices how much 0,3l orange juice cost 5,7€ thats ......


Finally im seeting in windowed place of airplane huge guy sits next to me and the plane seats aint tha huge.

Then i saw foot cart i was like finally free food and drinks well ofc the food is pizza full of mushrooms and some smelly cheese on. Luckily guy next to me offered help and ate my pizza. But i did enjoy flights red whine wich i drank..... Alot...



So now im at munchen terminal and 6h before my flight leaves i decide to go to the city. So i go to the underground station and buy ticket 10€. At the metro/train i was like no one checked my ticket ... I think i was only one who hade bought ticket for the last 10 years...

Im walking in the munchen streets and get almost hit by bicycle i was wtf how fast they go, we in finland dont have lanes for bicycles. I found 2 Mc'donalds but i thought id try something different this time so i ate in Subway ;)


Back At the terminal and ready to be loaded on plane i get sms flight well be delayd fo atleast hour and half.

As normal i was furious since they already closet everything at terminal so i hade chew my gummi bears.


Flight to amsterdam was good free drinks and bread with more butter on it than bread .... How can you it that. Well wievs were nice city lights everywhere and i thought 6 times that must be amsterdam well i was wrong. Finally when we landed the airplane drove like 25km on ground.


Finally at the terminal i thought i get to sleep so well i was wrong. I asked how to get to amsterdam central they directed me to train this time i thought i buy ticket if the man comes asking for it. So he came and i asked wich stop i go out so i get to amsterdam-noord he sayd 2stops you out, i asked how much for ticket he laughed and say you no pay, free ride nice. So i got out after 2 stops i thought this is central i need taxi so i asked the condukter how do i get out he showed the door 3m from me .... Doh.

I went out looking for taxi i see none but i see buss i ask where are taxies he says go metro to centraal and there i was woot this is no central. So i get inside to metro and ask from condukter where can buy ticket to this metro she says downstairs i go buy when i get back metro is gone....

So i waited for next one.


Finally at the central station i go out see taxi and he drives me to hotel. Finally bed and wi-fi, i ask for my room and wifi he says i dont know pass fow wifi ... Well i hitbthe showers and bed.


In the morning i ask from another employee for pass and he tells me now i got the wifi and writing my epic journey.


Stay tuned for more coming soon ;)

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metro in Antwerp: exactly the same, just saying :P


Been using it for a year now, never had somebody checking my ticket (well I got bus/tram/metro subscription, so technical I payed for it anyway XD)

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