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I have something important to say!






OK, maybe I don't entirely have anything important to say. Yes, it was a sly tactic but if you're reading it then it worked. Hur hur. Fooled you.


Yes, yes. Liar liar, pants on fire. I see Paris, I see France, I see your underpants.


Now, where was I? Oh yes. New blog post. Interesting.


Right now I'm sitting at my family home, the sun shining against my face with a gentle breeze blowing. OK, not so gentle now. Brr. But I'll soldier on nonetheless. I have a busy week, an interesting week. I head back to the city tomorrow night so I can get my suit dry cleaned Monday. Also on Monday and most of Tuesday, I shall be preparing myself for my interview on Thursday. They want a presentation - just two slides, five minutes in total; the first slide being why I want to work for their company and the second slide saying why I should get the role. It's going to be in front of the guy who runs the company and the Head of Sales.


Thankfully I'm well prepared for it - since my course was largely IT and business based, I've done countless presentations, some informal and some formal, where we all had to use suits. And for each of these, I was usually the spokesperson. Public speaking is what I do best, which stands completely at odds with my previous post.


Then again, it's who I am; I am one contradiction after another. When people see me, they judge me but I always surprise. I remember the shock my housemates expressed after returning with my first tattoo. Once I returned with my second a few weeks later and my ear piercing a few weeks after that, they weren't so surprised any more. "I got bored", I told them. And it's true - when I'm bored, really bored, which rarely happpens, I tend to do stuff. Recently I tried shaving part of my hair, thankfully not enough to notice, because I stopped myself in time. Just because I had nothing else to do.


Alas I don't have the ear piercing anymore. It got ripped out when I was taking off a jumper. It hurt like a b***.


Like. A. b***.


OK - time to carry on with the rest of my week:

On Wednesday I am travelling up to where my interview will be, so I can familiarize myself with the location, get myself all relaxed before eventually making my way there on the Thursday at 3PM; laptop probably in my awesome PS2 bag, which will look quite funny with my slightly snazzy-suit, so I'll be all set for the interview. As soon as its over, I'll be making my way back to my city. Then on the Friday I will be taking the 5 hour trip to see someone I'm sorta seeing, which I'm very excited about. It'll also be the last time I'll see her in about a month, as she is in her final weeks of her final year of college, so understandably so, I'll be on the backburner. But it's OK, she's worth the wait.


She's awesome.


I'm awesome too. It's a great paring.



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Oh my! Sounds exciting, I wish good luck for you. Because the special girl you're seeing and for your interview. As Icky, I also hate public speaking. Mostly because I'm thinking too much if I make mistakes or something stupid.. :D

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But then you'll start hugging everyone in the front row and telling everyone you love them. And...them you fall in your own puke..... ummmm... yeah best not take my advice unless you are a seasoned professional... or at least half irish ;)

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