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  1. Happy Birthday BunnyBabe!

  2. OkutA: Wow! That was amazing! Ich mag es If you ask me, it's great when this parts begins: " Ich schaue durch das Fenster rein......" Reaaally nice! I love german language and the industrial parts.. Wow. So you were the vocal, played synth and also all made by yourself?! Really great! Love the tune. And GI-JOE: you got nothing to be ashamed. It was great see you playing and hitting in right time the drums! Docwarren: Nice, I like Slipknot, keep on playing guitar, nice! Zoe Fletcher's son: I don't much like Paramore but your son is awesome ^^ And to "That Portuguese guy", your band and your playing was working really well together!
  3. BunnyBabe


    It's okay, at least to me. Oh wow, those pics are amazing O.O When it's lightning, I always am too scared of to take any pictures.Dunno why, it shouldn't be dangerous to take pics when it's stormy but I just am too scared even to look at the storm. Yes I'm a weirdo.
  4. BunnyBabe

    LoL :D

    Oh.. I used to like it when a man wears uniforms..
  5. I'm not very confident of how good singer I'm so I never sing when someone is near But dancing is what I love to do.
  6. I was just jogging and ate one orange.. 2 women just bumped cigarettes (they didin't look finnish ppl) and I just gave them. I can't help myself being too nice..
  7. BunnyBabe

    No Hobbies?

    That was cute. Maybe I sound like that too, since I don't have many hobbies at this moment.
  8. Oh, she's so adorable! I mean, veeery adorable! (I suppose she's a girl because the cute name she's got! <3 )
  9. Well, when I opened Call Of Duty, I wanted to create a nick name that's very stupid and annoying. So, I like bunnies and I like girl power so here's the result.. I didin't wanna use the same nicknames as I used to have when I play other games. I think bunnybabe was the most stupidest nicks I've ever got. But CoD is also a brain dead game so I think it fits very well.. And there's a pic of me, so everyone could think: "that girl must be dump to have that nick and picture of her posing there like an idiot."
  10. Numbers 4 and 6 are the greatest. I actually don't know why o.O
  11. off_topic, yeah. And here's the bad excuse: I was drunk. and I'm ashamed of myself atm..
  12. I bet those people must've been paid to act that stupid
  13. I remember. I've seen those Godfathers many times and I'm wondering that I should watch them again. Marlon Brando, Al Pacino.. and other actors were so great..
  14. BunnyBabe

    old music! :D

    Bands I used to listen to when I was young. And still like them, maybe because the nostalgic moments but also because those are good.. But those are about 60-80 so not that old.. The Animals ABBA Lynyrd Skynyrd (those oldest albums, not the time after singer died..) Led Zeppelin Mud The Rolling Stones Wigwam The Beatles Queen Pink Floyd The Doors Joan Baez The Ramones ..and even Uriah Heep and Gary Glitter ..and many old punk bands.. ..and many black metal pioneers.. So I got kinda wide taste but I'm not fan of that hair rock heavy what ever it's called..
  15. Finnish, very well. Native. English. Used to be good at it, but finnish college and school system used to mix both US and GB english vocabulary, so here I am.. Swedish.. Almost as my second language.. Even I got my own accent for sure.. German. Ah so, I used to study in college and second upper school german. Used to know it kinda well. And I fell in love with one german guy.. But let's not talk about that anymore.. Especially I understand it better rather than speaking & writing it, same trouble as with other languages.. Estonian - never studied but I understand it some how a bit.. Norwegian and danish because my swedish skills.. I mean, understanding written or spoken language.. None will tell you that I'm declaring that I'm speaking those! Would take more time & interest on subject.. That I don't have. Some dutch, I used to know dutch friends very well and they learnt me - it had some same language structures as in german (I know u hate if someone is relating these languages together but.. I cant help seeing some similarities.. sorry! ) Used to learn by myself: french, spanish and some russian & greek. Because I used to travel.. And oh japanese. That japanese teacher I got, was kinda funny.. And I don't mean I can speak russian or japanese.. But you know, word from somewhere, an another from there.. Japanese people were kinda different that I thought. They were somehow a lot like strict finnish people. And it was dissapointing, since I used to watch a lot of anime & reading manga when I was a teenager (I count it -98-06). Speaking japanese with real japanese people was kinda nice. But now I remember only some random stuff - I'm not very "fan" of japan cultur anymore. All my languages aren't that good anymore, only because I'm lazy and not traveling much anymore, and not studying any languages at all atm. So here I am, gettin' old and stuff.

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