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  1. Has been a while since my last blog update. What's been happening? Well. I'm glad you asked. OK. You didn't ask, but I'll let you know anyway. Started in my college course in September, which has taken up quite a lot of my time - it's all geared towards getting work, so a lot of work. Crazy amounts. Right now I've got three separate group projects; User Centered Design, Web Communications and an Industry project with one of the larger companies in Ireland. These group projects are with three separate groups and carry an immense amount of work. But.. so far.. I'm coping with it all. I have also found myself in a new relationship. Very nice in fact - only started this weekend. My past relationships have been.. somewhat odd and unfortunate, so I've always been really wary about whether I want one or not. But then this girl came along and she's just incredible in so many different ways that I just feel lucky to even know her. Fingers crossed that everything goes well.
  2. Not sure if many are watching this, but this is an absolutely excellent TV show that is shown on Channel 4 in the UK. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drh2HiEAj3c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoBaabEB8C0 This show is pretty intense - the acting is brilliant, it is shot beautifully, with some intriguing colour saturation. There's only 6 episodes in season 1, which is generally the norm for most English drama/TV shows, outside of soap operas. They're currently on episode three and I'm not sure if there'll be a second season, but I do hope there isn't. Just be warned, it is very intense, with some scenes that could be hard to watch.
  3. Interesting times are ahead. Interesting times indeed. Having grown exceedingly fed up with a job hunt that was proving to be ultimately fruitless, I applied for a postgraduate diploma, which I was invited to interview for and I did. During the group workshops and interviews, they told us that 800 people (though it could have been more) were applying for just 200 places, so in essence, only 1 in 4 would get it. Then followed two weeks of waiting and nervousness, until I finally received an email telling me that I had been accepted. I was amazed as I was among the youngest in my own group interview and everyone else had far more experience than I had. So I was just absolutely amazed and delighted, but it was in Dublin, which is on the other side of my country, which meant that I had to move, leave my home - where I've lived for pretty much my whole life, but I didn't mind, because I was growing exceedingly fed up with my current situation. The awkward thing now is that I was unable to find a house in time, so now I am staying in a hostel while I try to find a place, which is proving more difficult than I had thought as it is more expensive than I'm used to, so my budget can't stretch that far in a lot of cases. Ah well, at least my life is finally getting somewhere.
  4. I love listening to acoustic music and have come across some beautiful renditions of songs - Such a gorgeous and emotive performance from the wonderful Perfume Genius The excellent Bon Iver does a brilliant one of his song, "For Emma, Forever Ago" Mumford and Sons perform their music and even attempt a French version of "The Cave"
  5. Scroobius Pip has a new song and it's pretty excellent! No Nimbus The original track is Grimes' Oblivion.
  6. I wonder if it would be worthwhile creating a thread in the introduction forum, stating that joining the forum does not automatically make you a member of FA, as I've seen a few people make this mistake, both on here and in game? Something with a title like, "Joining the forum does not make you a member of FA" and the subject with something like, "please post an application in the relevant forum for your chosen game". It might clear up a lot of unnecessary hassle.
  7. There's nothing worse than sitting around waiting to hear back from an interview *sigh*

  8. The actor Michael Clarke Duncan, of Green Mile, Armageddon, Daredevil and Sin City fame, has died of a heart attack. Sad news indeed. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/michael-clarke-duncan-dead-54-green-mile-actor-dies-months-suffering-heart-attack-article-1.1150806
  9. Oh man, I love that room. If you stand on the triggers along the ground, then the panzers go off.
  10. I'm a catholic, but it's hard to want to be, especially coming from Ireland. Ours is a country where the Church was allowed to do such horrible, horrible things - The Magdalene Laundries - where women that had children out of wedlock would be sent and would have to suffer such severe conditions and their children would be taken away from them, sent to various state facilities. One of these existed in my city, at this statue was erected in memory of the poor women who were sent there. Not even to mention the heinous and utterly disgusting molestation of children that went on for decades, some of the priests are still free and the Vatican has barely acknowledged these things happen. Then there's the North of my country, where it's Catholic vs Protestant. While most of the violence is gone, compared to previously, there are still some areas that you just cannot enter if you're a member of either religion, for fear of violence.
  11. Lord only knows what happened at this concert! 9 people stabbed - 3 severely, 3 people died from overdoses and a teenager is still missing. Source: BBC What's most disgusting is that it seems like possibly three people brought knives with the intention of stabbing others.
  12. Haha, Galway doesn't get nice weather at all alas.
  13. It was because of the race, I think, but also because one of the boats was American.

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