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OK, so.


Here I sit, on a bus back to my side of the country, wearing my fancy ass suit that I wore to my interview. I came up yesterday, to have a walk around Dublin, which was fun. Went to this fantastic all-you-can-eat buffet, where you picked the vegetables, meats, spices and sauces that you wanted and then gave them to a guy who cooked them all on this massive BBQ grill thingy in front of you. Had about 4 dishes and could probably have had more, but they were shutting up.


The interview itself seemed to go OK - the Head of Sales seemed happy with what I was saying but it was incredibly hard to read the Head of Recruitment, but I'm going to remain positive until Tuesday, when they said they'd get back to me. Seemingly there's a lot of people interviewing for the roles, so we'll see how I did.


As for this girl - well;

We had a conversation on Monday and it seems that we both want different things, so we're putting it on the backburner. Bit of a pity, yes, but at least we both know now before it went anywhere more serious.



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Did you open the interview with.... "Look here motherf***er!"???? That usually gets the point across. LOL! Im just kidding but if you did you will probably get the job. Seriously. Hahaha

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I was pretty tempted to, but didn't unfortunately. Its with this website I use quite a lot so when asked why I want to work for them, I said, "well.. for fanboy reasons, I guess".



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