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Murmurings of a Duck




Life is interesting.


Well, my life is anyways.


It seems like drama follows me around everywhere. Like herpes. And added chlamydia.


Last night my ex girlfriend texts me out of the blue, asking to meet up. It's rather difficult to get into our past, because it's quite long winded and generally when I'm finished, people are usually completely in disbelief - but general synopsis; we broke up maybe this time(ish) last year but kept seeing each other on and off 'til July, when she left for the Caribbean for a month. Before she leaves, she tells me she loves me and for the first week or two we keep in contact, then this stops. Around the same time a hurricane passes through there and at this point I'm genuinely worried. Few weeks later she mails me to tell me quite simply, "I'm OK". I won't launch in to the complexities of it, but when she gets back we hook up (twice) and find out after the second time that she somehow got married over there.






I, of course, find this out a few days later when I am visiting my sister in London.


So, whatever, I laugh it off as much as possible, then a few weeks later we randomly bump into each other and then find out she has a girlfriend.




A girlfriend.


Nothing wrong with that, but previously she was married.


Anyways, I was quite .. well .. not interested in meeting up at all and told her so, rather politely, because it's who I am. Somewhat I think she regrets the way things were but I know that I can't even be friends with someone who could do that to anyone else, let alone to me.


Somehow I just get myself into these situations, without ever meaning to. Drama just follows me around.


We were texting for some of last night and today and it made me realize that despite all of that, there were some lingering feelings so I told her this. I can't let people think I'm an a**h****, because I'm not, so I wanted her to understand why I can't see her.


So, affairs of the heart are confusing.



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I was wondering about the title: why duck? Does it have a special meaning in English besides that of the animal?

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