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There are times when things catch my eye and I think, "these could make for a good poem". It's been something I've done for years - I'm a writer, somewhat. I've done countless short stories and poems, have written two novellas and have started (but not finished) a few books. Unfortunately a while ago my old laptop and my external harddrive went KAPUTT, which meant I lost a good portion of my work and my two novellas, though I'm sure I have them somewhere still.


So, I thought I would share with you my latest poem, Our Blanketed Heaven


On my bed she is a-sleeping,

as the dreams come slowly creeping.

Through her head and in her mind,

I lie wondering what she might find.

At once she lets out a delicate snore,

turns on her hip and does some more.

My hand reaches and rests on her side,

and I wonder if God had lied;

that this is Heaven, yet I’m still here,

beside this beautiful Angel, that’s lying near.

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As I watch her sleep and steal a momentary glance

I feel that familiar stirring in my pants

As I start to lower those silky PJ's thpughts race to my head

to hell with 72 virgins I have my reward in my bed

But what is this a nightmare a bad surprise as I start to gag

OH Noes my dream girl my salvation is on the rag



Poetry in motion!

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