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The Suzuki Unisynth




I hazz a Suzuki Unisynth....wtf is that you ask?




Not too different from the Casio DG20....which the band "Flight of the Concords" uses.

I can't play it for shit, but it's a funny oddball instrument nonetheless. It was made in the eighties, in Japan. There are no strings on the neck of this guitar. There are only strings over the bridge. Pressure sensors in the neck let you change the tones. There is also a gay little whammy-bar on it. It has six different preprogrammed tones, 8 preprogrammed rythms, and a tempo knob to adjust the rythms. Later models included a MIDI jack so you could plug it into your computer.


Gay, I know....

It's the Suzuki f***KING Unisynth, digital guitar!



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U play good. I tried couple of times learning guitar.. God, it requires so much practice.

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