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Artist Profile: Michael Giacchino




Ok so I am going in a bit of a different direction today. But it is only because I feel compelled to tell you about a certain artist that I enjoy a lot.

The 1600's had their baroque artists, the 1700's and 1800's had their classical boom. And that is where we know most of our classical artists from.

Classical has always struck a note with me. It's not all that different to some of the synthesized music I enjoy. VNV Nation,

, Covenant; these guys are modern composers to me! It's not a band wailing on guitars recklessly, it's calculated and premeditated music.

But back to the topic. Today I'm writing about Michael Giachinno.




'Who?' you're probably asking. Well if you've ever turned on the tv, watched a movie, or played a video game, you've probably unknowingly heard his work. I would not be able to write the entire list from memory. But in an age where classical is dead, Michael Giachinno is the last breath of air remaining in its proverbial lungs.

He's got a lot of big names under his belt, with scores that include Lost, Alias, Mission Impossible, countless Disney movies, and the latest Star Trek.


Admittedly, I didn't happen upon Michael Giachinno from any of those references. To me, he is known for his work in the video game industry. Since 1999 when Medal of Honor came out for the first generation Sony Playstation, Michael has composed practically every score for the series, now spanning almost ten years.






He has an extraordinary gift of conveying the action of a wild half-track chase, or the anticipation before a parachute jump behind enemy lines. The emotion fused to his music is ear-catching to me, and I almost forget about the imagery of the game before I end up conjuring my own visions.

Medal of Honor is not the only hallmark in Giachinno's work with video games.

He also composed the scores for some of the Call of Duty games, as well as Jurassic Park, and Black. His work with WWII inspired games stands on it's own in my opinon.

Here are a few of his works that I admire the most....

So please sit back, close your eyes, take a listen, and let me know what you think!







Feel free to look up more for yourself, and as always....









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I say the best medal of honor games in history is #1 and 2 for playstation. I mean hell they were really really damn fun (and its still fun to this day).


Why? (especially for #2 aka. MOH underground) Fighting dogs with bazookas, knights of the round table and suicide bomber "grinches". Most accurate WW2 end game in history XD

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I agree the first one was the fukkin' bomb. I got my first bj playing that game on PS1, lol


Don't even ask about that story!

thats like wtflol retarted funny

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