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The Enigma Variations



When Edward Elgar wrote the Enigma Variations...each song was dedicated to a friend.

'Nimrod' is a favorite of mine, it moves me. It makes me think of a time when war was still romantic, of men writing letters to loved ones back home, in rainy trenches in foreign lands far from home.

Elgar dedicated 'Nimrod' to a friend that convinced him to continue composing music, at a time when he was about to quit in a fit of depression.


I hope you you can appreciate it a bit....



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I got to admit that this song is awfully good, strong sentimental value.

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I listened to it and then read what u wrote. It truly moves you :(

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Thank you, Zuthy!

I truly beleive that when you hear the story behind a song, it can make it much more powerful.

I'm so mad at myself! I found a video that goes with the song so much better!

This! http://youtu.be/DuAVyjUmGNs

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