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  1. Hey Death, howdy? Long time no see...

  2. lol you come to my page and dont leave a message? thanks death.... ill chat with ya later lol. VENT!

  3. Juventus really impressed me in their 2-0 win against AC Milan. If they can keep the intensity of that game up, i think they might just take home the Scudetto.
  4. deathbreath

    mmm dethklok

    I listened to the first album a lot back when it came out. Some pretty nice songs on there. Great for a "fictional" band
  5. deathbreath


    The music does have that kind of vibe to it
  6. deathbreath


    Band from Sweden. Very 70's sounding with vocals that reminds me a bit of Robert Plant as times. Highly recommend a listen. http://youtu.be/rAjY97014V4 http://youtu.be/OnGBa8dVm6k
  7. deathbreath


    I'm just discovering Opeth (way late) and i have to say this is awesome stuff i'm hearing. http://youtu.be/aSSLXMzxxP8 http://youtu.be/iS8_n6BKCes Now i'm thinking i have to get some of their albums. Definitely getting the Watershed album. Any recommendations on other albums?
  8. Paying almost 50 € for 30/30 Mb.....expensive. Upside is i seem to get more b/w than i pay for
  9. sex robot! see monkey and i think alike... dont look at the date of post HAHA

  10. Well, if that doesn't work then hopefully your dad can help you sort out the admin thing if that is what's causing this. Don't give up...
  11. UAC stands for "User Account Control". Instead of running the installer or patch by double clicking, try to right click the file and choose "run as admin". Also, after installing, you can edit you shortcut to ET by right clicking it and choosing properties. Then go to the "shortcut" tab and click advanced. Then select "run as administrator". Not 100% sure that will work becasue i don't use UAC at all.
  12. I didn't need any special versions of the ET installer for win7 x64. Just used the standard installer. If you install to the "program files" folder i think that UAC prevents writing there unless you run as admin. Maybe your etkey resides in the "virtual store" folder because of that?. "c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\" You could try installing to the root of C:\ maybe? like "C:\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory". Personally i just turn off UAC all together as it's to much of a hassle for me.
  13. wb man! Haven't seen you in a while..wondered what was up. See ya in the game.

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