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Member Since 12 Jan 2013
OFFLINE Last Active Sep 14 2017 07:08 PM

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Chameleon's Blog > 2015, man what a funky year..

Posted 19 January 2016

2015 for me, was probably the craziest year I have had in the 42 years I have been on this planet. As some may or may not have noticed, I was absent most of last year. This was due to a massive heart attack and the subsequent quadruple bypass surgery. Well I was fortunate enough to beat that monster and survive with quite a long recovery. I'm not su...

Chameleon's Blog > So this is how it all went down :D

Posted 16 April 2015

As most of you may know, I recently had another heart attack, and as a result ended up going through a quadruple bypass surgery. It was crazy but I survived. So I figured I would post this blog to give a bit more detailed idea of how it all went down..

I Had been having some chest pains through basically all of march, but that was nothing unusual con...

Chameleon's Blog > =F|A= Year End Review

Posted 17 January 2015

Well, another years has quickly shot by me/us and we are now starting a whole new year. Sometimes it seems I have been a part of this community, and sometimes it is like I just got here. Now I don't say it feels like I have been here forever because it's like a relationship you want out of so bad, but more because it really feels like a family. There hav...

Chameleon's Blog > Getting older, it's cool..

Posted 22 October 2014

It's a weird process, getting older that is. Now don't get me wrong, I don't feel like I am that old, I will only be 41 next month. But in the time I spent here on earth, things sure have changed. I don't mean just things like clothes, or music, or other fads that come and go. I mean more like who I am, and the things I care about, or that are importa...

Chameleon's Blog > Where do you see yourself in the future with FA?

Posted 13 August 2014

I know I think about this alot, and I know some of you all do too, I have conversations with quite a few members as to what their goals, and plans were, as far as their future with FA is concerned. I don't think there is another topic that asks this question, so I thought I would. And so to start us off, I will go first, and hopefully this will catch on...