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Ol' Smoke's Re-Application

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Ol Smoke

Ol Smoke

    I am the God of admin abuse

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Hey guys, I truly appreciate all the +1's I have gotten from you, but don't get all worked up over this, because I am fine with what the leaders do, either way.


It reminds me of when I was 10 years old and some friends of mine built a treehouse at this one kids house.  I hung around with these guys all the time and

then one day I found out they had a secret club in their treehouse.  I went over to see what it was all about and to see if I could join.  When I got there, they

pulled up the rope so I couldn't get in.  They said there wasn't room for me in the treehouse.  So I left.

I went home, not angry or sad, but determined that I would get into that treehouse.  So I went to the back of the house and found some boards, nails, saw, and hammer.

I threw it into my wagon and went back to the treehouse.  The guys were yelling at me to stay out, but I started cutting boards and hammering them to the tree.  Before

long I had enough steps to climb up to the upper limb and then get into the treehouse.  The boys started climbing down the rope and running away.  I couldn't

understand this.  One of friends stayed at the treehouse, and I asked him why did they not want me in the club?  He replied, "they are all scared of you".  I said, "why

would they be scared of me?"  "because you beat up that 5th grader the other day" 

Man was I confused.  I thought to myself, "how can my beating up a bully, who picked on them, make me their enemy?"  Little did I know that, that, bully had threatened

to beat them up, if I played with them.  So the next day, I beat that kid up again, and made him tell them that everything was okay.


The silly thing about all of this, was that that bully kid, became my friend and we had great fun that summer.  If I had worked harder at being friends with Danny instead

of fighting him, who knows where it would have gone.  But I have always been, fight first, negotiate later.  Maybe that wasn't such a good thing.  I am down to just 2 real

friends now.  The others have turned on me and some have just gone.  I have one true friend in the =F|A= and we like each other.  So it was worth everything to me

to be in this group.  If I get to come back, I will try to mend fences with those that I have "fought" with.  I miss Wolfie.


You see, sometimes being a member of a club isn't all that important, but the friendships that you make with the people of the club is what it is all about.

I have made some lasting friendships while a member here, and the club had nothing to do with it.  There are some members & associates of this community that

I will never like, but there are more people here that I will never forget.


Whether I am in or out....=F|A= will be with me forever.  I just want to ask that you remember me, once in a while, when I am gone.





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I saw you beating up a 5th grader just the other day. Same Ol' Smoke. 


Hang in there, buddy. People obviously give a shit about you. 



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Well I don´t know whats going on behind curtins with higher admins and you but I hope you are not giving up to the forums at least.

As I haven´t had the honour to play with you(not a COD guy), so I´m holding back my vote, but good luck and I hope you get it back in.



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I saw you beating up a 5th grader just the other day. Same Ol' Smoke.

Oh, You COD Guys & Gals !! :D



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Really nice post, and the story of you beating up a 5th grader was interesting (hahahah). I think most of us here hang around as long as we do for the friendship. We all enjoy playing the game, but its the connections we make that really keep us playing longer. I haven't met or played with you before (ET guy here), but for all its worth, I'll remember you when you're gone.



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I wonder what the real motivation behind your starting this thread is.

In any case, the story and punchline were entertaining :P



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it doesn't matter if ur fa or not be grateful for life etc and that u are playing on these amazing servers

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