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what is best way to get an admin on the server

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Line Out

Line Out

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there is some dude on there right now flaming his entire team.....he needs to be kicked...how do we get an admin on? 

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Fastest way to get an admin on any server, is to have xfire, add some admins to your friends list, and when the time comes, message them on there. Some alternate ways, are Forums PM, if you have Steam, you could add and message on there. But yeah, a forums thread will get the job done, just very very inefficiently. 

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von Rantala

von Rantala

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Best way contact admin is using free xfire http://social.xfire.com/


If you have no admin in xfire and you see troublemaker or cheater in server you can take demo F12 and send that forum. :)


You can add me on your xfire my name is tonir1987



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If you will contact to a admin, post many message's here on the forum.

They know you than, and can maybe help you!!


Talk to other admin/members on the ET server's, and tell your problem :)


And so what Von Rantala said, take F12 (screenshot) and send to him or here on the forum.



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or else try connecting to other F|A servers u will sure find any one of admins and u can ask them to connect to the server you are playing and take care of it ....and u can add me on xfire : ghostridermufeed



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Best and easiest way is xfire.

Alternatives are :


- Visit other F|A servers and hope that another admin is online to assist you.

- Via steam

- Forum messaging

- Threads


The most efficient and quickest way is via xfire. By the time you do one of the alternatives with the exception of steam, the problem would probably be sorted or the trouble maker disconnects. So i advise that you download and install xfire if you haven't already, add a few admins and you're good to go. This will also help you get to know fellow admins here at FA, who can help you with any other issues that arise. Maybe in future, if you have admin quality, determination and commitment, you could help us deal with problems like the one your facing too :)


Anyway, thanks for reporting and informing us mate!



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One other way is by updating your status on forum, many people read this and this way you don't have to start a new topic.

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