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  1. hello fellow hackers and gamers. its been quite a while since my shadow has fallen on this part of the world. as some of you know...my wife is pregnant and....well, not having a good time of it. it is difficult on her to say the least....and there have been a few complications that the marvels of modern medicine have been able to correct (thank god for that.) and... i got promoted at work which has taken most of the rest of my attention away from my love of shooting motherf***ers in the head..... AND.... we have sold our home and are in the process of building our dream-home in the countryside! oh yeah...and in the interim, we are living in a shit-shack one bedroom apartment (not cool man...not cool at all) so go big or go home, ya know!!!! now that things have calmed down a bit, i have the time to start looking at the forums, maybe even play around a bit........ but i did want to pop in and say hi......sooooooo, um.... HI THERE!
  2. pretty sure it will hit in 2036......third pass
  3. sooooo, ive allowed myself to get caught up in reading the literature, also referred to as fiction, surrounding Roswell, Area 51,S4,the Russian equivalent, Nazi research on anti-gravity, the theory of relativity, string theory....and then of course the debate as to what Sir. Newton would have postulated if he was aware of the relativity theory, oh yeah..then alien interviews (fakes... im sure we would never see the real ones)...but then warp bubbles, worm holes, then come to find out NASA is actually working on warp pulse propulsion and they are already past the theoretical design phase.... dark matter, and finally superstring theory and the "Symbols of Power"...a new hypothesis by Prof. S. James Gates. http://mag.digitalpc.co.uk/Olive/ODE/physicsworld/LandingPage/LandingPage.aspx?href=UEhZU1dvZGUvMjAxMC8wNi8wMQ..&pageno=MzY.&entity=QXIwMzYwMA..&view=ZW50aXR5 and the easier version to read: http://www.onbeing.org/program/uncovering-codes-reality/feature/symbols-power-adinkras-and-nature-reality/1460 not sure if this is real or not yet, but it does have the interest of renowned us scientists like Neil D. Tyson , Michio Kaku and others..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jrltk2Rpfk
  4. i know im in the industry, but i really think there will be leaps and bounds in the Electronic payment methods.......apple pay is just the beginning.
  5. Line Out

    True or False?

    acutally it is true.......got away only because one of my friends would not jump...he got caught, three of us got away....
  6. bummer man.....sorry to say, it only gets worse..and then its your turn.
  7. The Only issue i have been having is the same maps, over, and over, and over, and over, and over,and over....and dont tell me that you can vote.....ive been on where the people that vote are not enough to TRUMP the computer
  8. hey all...have a happy Holidays!
  9. Line Out

    True or False?

    i was chased by the cops in Hong Kong and escaped by jumping from one SKY SCRAPER to the Next....was even shot at......but survived.......and got away. True or False???
  10. this topic is near and dear to my heart. I Live and breath in the shadows of this threat every day i go to work. There are third party companies out there who do great jobs of preventing/mitigating "CYBER ATTACKS". If anyone wants to talk "cyber attack prevention" or would like to exchange ideas/strategies.....let me know.
  11. Seriously? No Post on the Flash? No DC fans here on F|A ? (and if so....uh, sorry....im trying to do a conference Call and post this VERY important topic) Iknow its a bit nerve racking to walk into a room with your pants down..ive done it several times so ill start..... in Good show so far..they are trying to stick with the Original story line.....sorta. Bary Nelson is hit by a flash of light and he suddenly has super speed. The primes of this show is there was a scientific experimentation (isnt there always) on DARK MATTER during a huge hurricane strength storm. This Storm some how interacted with the Dark Matter experiment and SEVERAL people were struck by lightning and given super human powers/abilities. Our Hero, Barry Nelson, was hit by one of these bolts of lightning and the outcome is THE FLASH! In the show, the people effected by the experiment/storm are called Meta-Humans. just like the comic, Barry works for the police as a forensic scientist But in this show, he is secretly working for the doctor that performed the Dark Matter (or whatever it was) experiment to "collect" the meta humans that are abusing their powers or acting like "super criminals". In a nutshell, that is the premise. lots of potential...and this is one of those super-flexible characters. I wonder how long they are gonna drag it out until Bary figures out he can move through walls (and time??)? I wonder why the WB (the broadcasting channel you can watch "The Flash" on in my area.) doesn't invest in other DC characters....they have The Arrow, The Flash....they did smallville (Clark kent) Surely now is the time for another reboot of Wonder-Woman, Green Lantern, Hawk Man, Martin Manhunter?, Mr Plastic???Firestorm,
  12. I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!
  13. oh, what i did was not really a donation....but it was...so here is a selfless donation.... Confirmation number: 50X72684RM8624303. happy ho-ho's and what not.....
  14. ok, the wife and i considered the Subaru crosstrek when we were looking for a new vehicle. Great Engines, BEST AWD on the market BUT IMHO, they are llike VW's......after doing my research and talking to previous owners...I would lean toward everyone stating they are crap vehicles.....not Mechanically......just everything else seems to fall apart or was the cheapest materials possible (like the seats man.....my 62 Mini seats are more comfortable and they are rubber band straps for seat stuffing support. We ended up going with the FoRd Edge. i was apprehensive at first, but the AWD passed all my scrutiny and i like the center of gravity on this thing (yup....very solid feeling vehicle) and it is pleanty roomy for hauling crap (not actual crap, although i supppose you COULD actually haul a LOT of crap in it if you fold the seats down and......) kids, people....what not.. 280HP, about 20MPG when its all said and done (and dont matter if im going 20mph or 50mph, with or without A/C on, i still get about 20MPG). I Have always liked Ford products..I have had two Smaller Trucks (The Ford Ranger) and was quite happy with each...and abused the shite out of them before they gave up the ghost. sooooo the post was out there in NOvember...what did you end up getting????
  15. donated for the cause: subscription number: S-4VC47054MR386694G

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