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which has been the greatest achievement of your life?

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My kids....What they have taught me and continue to teach me makes me a better person

I was in a very successful position with a retail company. Was on track for great paying positions in about 5 years and told "you can drive any car you want. Get a 4 door porsche for the family." Greatest accomplishment was being able to sit at a conference table and put in my 2 weeks notice while one of my bosses told me he may have missed his kids growing up but he has paid their college in full. I'm paying for my college and it has taught me how to handle money. I'll pay for my kids college, don't get me wrong, but I won't miss them growing up to do it

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Lol making the highschool U19 basketball team :) i get to travel all over the world for tournaments



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My greatest achievement is my wife and my lovely daughter, that Im so gratful and blessed



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I'll chime in too. Definitely have to say my beautiful wife and 2 daughters. Hands down. I have built some very high end homes, and many world class yachts as well, that's a distant second. Third, maybe, suviving childhood without monumental physical and psychological injuries! Jah be praised!



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Raising my two kids.

My 3 beautiful children.

My 5 Little brats and the Brat on the way. :crazy



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Greatest achievement? So far, it is my fanfiction that I am writing, although it is not complete. I don't do much haha.



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my greatest acheivement i have to say is living right now. i went from bein a street kid robbing people at gunpoint, burglarizing houses, smoking weed and poppin pills, fighting all the time, and really the best way to describe it a total menace to society to being completely legit driving trucks for national carriers pulling in 50k+ a year and only smoking weed occasionally.

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