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Ol Smoke

Lost another WWII GI today.

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He was a good friend of mine since 1978.  He was in the 101st Airborne division in France during WWII.  He jumped into France

on D-day, and went through the Battle of the Bulge.  He had so many pictures of them guys during that time, that it was always

great to go over and talk to him.  He was the real deal. 

He will be buried here with other GI's from that era at a local cemetery along side his wife.  His wife was a cocktail waitress at a local restaurant where I and

some other guys played in a band.  We always knew them as Ma and Pa Wheeler.  She was always Mrs. Santa Clause in the Christmas parade here.  Two

nicer people you would not meet.  Liked them both very much. 

There were three other WWII guys here in town, and they and some of us would meet at the local VFW on Saturdays and have a great time telling stories.


I will miss him.  He was 89 years old.


Here's to you Pop Wheeler,  thanks for your service. Say hello to Ma for me.



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Lost a high school friend of mine this weekend. Was killed in Iraq by an IED, Spc. Wyatt Martin. Died at the young age of 22...


Rip to all the soldiers who have fought for us.

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