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3 word story

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Once apon a time Obi One Kanbi was walking through an old forest when he was attacked by squirrels who were angry and had light sabers as the monkey man ate the watermelon after some tacos disappeared suddenly, a black clowd appeared and it began twisting the stop lock that was conveniently located in the sewers, where he found a mutant which was very, "very very very" scared of ants who bit him "f*** f*** f***" then he contracted HIV and dies a lonely death virgin he was at least to his left ear, his right ear his right paw and his left but not his strong pimp hand and his wife beat him with with a dildo up his nose spiked with rum "hiccup" then a mortician declared he picked his nose fell on his gigantic giant humongous finger. what the booger? it grew larger and larger larger than his toenail, but his toejam smelled profusely. then he did what they told a cenile homeless oook got lost in paradise with an attractive young sapling. The amber



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