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  1. Mickey D's fries ,Bk Burgers the rest don't care
  2. thanx Bro for the new maps I finally got to play Baserace ,I love that map because it takes time to finish like MLB and others like that
  3. I remember when Y2K happen around here a lot people was panic,but the time I was working on a pawnshop man people where buying guns,bullets,kerosene heathers,MRI's man you name it, it was crazy around here lol ,and the funny thing it snow and a lot of people lost power but they where blaming Y2K thinking the all the computers where dieying
  4. thnx Bro got it fix is working now thnx
  5. hi I Download this Enemy Territory Auto pk3 cleaner 5.0 and try it out but the link to NQ3 dosen't work it keeps resetting ,I first paste over the one I have and them I delete and reinstall the ET and still the same can you please help me out and thank you
  6. ok Bro just noob question what is tracker
  7. I will like to suggest if MLB Daybrake can be fix or replace with any Baserace map because is screw up for Allys is an awesome map but Allys spawn are broke or something like that the map should last more the 15 minutes but some times because how Allys spawn dosen't,,a lot of players been joining lately the server, a lot of they will be good F|A material please can you look into that and see if you can fix it, thank you
  8. yeah man I know and thanks for remain me but when I log in to hardcore is says clan member e.t.c can't remember the next so my question is why
  9. Can any of you set me lvl to 0 on hardcore when I logg still shows the I'm on clan please and thank you
  10. I play about 1 or 2 hours a day during the week and like 4 over the weekend
  11. southog

    Wup Homies

    Hi to all my long time friends just drop by to say wuuaz cracking , and to let you know the I been playing over nitmod server under, having fun name ah and thnx Dare for the lvl and nani thank you and peace
  12. happy belated 'old guy'

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. happy birthday! :)

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