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iPad charging question

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Hey everyone,

I have on my lap a customer's iPad... which needs a factory reset. I know this takes about 4 hours or so, so I have it plugged in. The problem is, regardless of whether it's plugged into my computer,an HP Touchpad power adapter (5.3v, 2a), or a Samsung cell phone charger (5.3v, 1a)- it says "Not Charging" in the upper right hand corner. Since my client just got this iPad and can return it, should she do so with the reason that the battery won't charge- or am I missing something here?

Thanks! ^_^

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Possible wrong type of chargers?...


I have a laptop car charger that comes with many adapters and there were two that fit my laptop. One, while plugged in, held power but would not charge. The other had a little higher voltage was the one that allowed the charge.


If it powers up and you can use it plugged it, but it's not charging, there may not be enough juice in the adapter model.


I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but that's my best guess. hah



Charging Information:




Here is a thread with a similar problem. The third post in may be useful. (Texas)



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 If the charger power is too low to both run the unit and charge it, can it charge if the unit is off?



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My Samsung charger does not provide enough current to charge the iPad-- but my HP Touchpad adapter does, the perfect amount, actually.

BUT-- it charged with it, despite saying "Not Charging"... so problem solved, I guess. My concern came from plugging it into my computer and it STILL saying Not Charging.


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