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Frost Summer (Beta 4) - fr_summer_b4.pk3 - ET Map

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File Name: Frost Summer (Beta 4) - fr_summer_b4.pk3

File Submitter: Roberto

File Submitted: 29 Jan 2011

File Category: Maps


Download pk3 name: fr_summer_b4.pk3

Map name: fr_summer_b4.bsp





Allies have to steal the Radar Prototypes and escape with the Truck. Axis have to prevent this.


Mapname: fr_summer_b4

Status: beta 4

released: 05.06.2009



beta2 changes


- improved performance

- new buildings

- messages

- sounds

- landmines can now be placed

- lots of small things


beta3 changes


- removed the bug where the yard doors stayed open oder stayed closed when the generator was build or destroyed while

the doors where opening or closing.

- the getaway is not that easy anymore

- some brushwork

- sounds and messages

- textures


beta4 changes


- clipping of areas players shouldnt be able to get

- better ways through the village

- texture changes

- some brushwork


Click here to download this file

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