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Eurocup Final tonight !

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"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" - Michael Jordan


After three months of battling between the 16 best teams in Enemy Territory today, it is time to crown the champion of Enemy Territory!




Tonight the two remaining teams in the tournament, the two teams which beat all others, will face each other in the final show-down. Tonight Dignitas faces TLR in a match which will be written in the pages of the book of championship matches and be a part of Enemy Territory history.




The winner tonight will walk away with five SteelSeries Xai Laser Mice worth €400.

The loser will receive five SteelSeries Kinzu Optical Mice worth €200.


Road to Final


Last week TLR faced Dignitas in the Upper Bracket Final which resulted in Dignitas beating TLR 4-2. Later on that week TLR played MVP in the Lower Bracket Final and beat them 4-0 clearing their way to the grand finale through the Lower Bracket route.


This means that TLR will face a difficult challenge indeed, as they not only have to bear their previous loss on their shoulders, yet have to beat Dignitas twice over in order to be crowned the EuroCup XXII champions.


But do not mourn TLR, and do not rhapsodize Dignitas, as all finals have their peripeteia.


drago's statement


"We are really excited to finish this season's EuroCup. After a lot of lineup troubles we hope to finally settle down and finish this season with a somewhat steady end.


TLR is looking good, so I predict they will give us a hard fight once again; hopefully with a better ending for us. I'd like to thank everyone who put time into organizing and publishing this EuroCup and wish "good luck and have fun" to everyone watching and playing."




















Tonight at 21:00 CET

Shoutcast by owzo

Shoutcast by s0kl



The last time these two teams met a week ago, you the spectators broke the record viewer peak of 2010, a humongous peak of 861 spectators, if you want to break the 1000 spectator barrier tonight, make sure you tune in at 21:00 CET!


- Credits to kNas for the awesome logo

- Newspost written by LION

- ClanBase Source: (url) [clanbase.ggl.com]

- GamesTV Link: (url) [www.gamestv.org]


If you would like to spread the word to your community or forum



Here a link to the matchsite , IPs will be seen half an hour before the match starts , and everyone with a working Etpro and 2.6b installation is able to join on the ETTVs . Faten your seatbelts and enjoy this match ;)



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They played a match a week ago, Dignitas won but it was a tough match. TLR won Supply, Dignitas won Radar with a nice breakthrough near the end of the map and 3rd round went to Dignitas who somewhat dominated on SW Goldrush. What annoys me that what you see on ETTV server lags abut 30 seconds behind the live situation so if you are listening to radio broadcast it doesn't match what you see.


Should be a nice match today too.

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It was a pretty awesome match last week and this week too. I've seen both other matches too.

:D why is FA euro scrim team nit playing the euro cups?


too low skill ? ;P

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I put money down on TLR but im quite sure that Dignitas will win. Hopefully it will go into a second match

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Long time TLR


Was a really nice match

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