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Found 10 results

  1. EA Access and Origin Access members will soon have a new game to play. EA Sports announced today that FIFA 16, the latest entry in the blockbuster series, will join both program's lineup of free games starting April 19. FIFA 16 joins FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 on Xbox One's EA Access, while PC's Origin Access already has FIFA 15 in its library. All games in the EA Access/Origin Access "Vault" are free for subscribers for as long as their subscription remains active. These are the full, unrestricted versions of the games. There is no set schedule for when new games will arrive, but EA has pledged never to remove any of them. The full lineup of free EA Access and Origin Access games is available below. Subscriptions go for $5/month or $30/year. In addition to free games, other benefits include five-day early access to upcoming EA games and a 10 percent discount on all EA digital content. EA Access is not available on PlayStation 4 because Sony thinks it does not represent a good enough value for its users. It's still possible the service could come to Sony's system, but no announcements have been made. EA Access Free Games: Battlefield 4 Battlefield Hardline Dead Space Dragon Age: Inquisition EA Sports UFC FIFA 14 FIFA 15 FIFA 16 (coming April 19) Madden NFL 15 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 16 NBA Live 15 Need for Speed: Rivals NHL 15 NHL 16 Peggle 2 Plants vs. Zombies Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Titanfall Origin Access Free Games: Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Battlefield Hardline Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age 2 Dragon Age: Inquisition Sim City The Sims 3 FIFA 15 FIFA 16 (coming April 19) Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Need For Speed Rivals Dead Space Dead Space 2 Dead Space 3 This War of Mine Torchlight II http://www.gamespot.com/articles/next-eaorigin-access-free-game-revealed-coming-soo/1100-6437834/
  2. At moment its still free on house in Origin. Not a race games fan, but once in a while its fun to arcade some maps. Welp in this case one map, and it is really big. Have played it like for 4h and some places are still undiscovered, lots of fences needs to be driven over... I´ve yet to won any race as every time I´m starting in last place and even after many reruns and almost clean drive(no major crashes, just some lamp posts get in the way) the best I´ve done is past 2 cars. Totally evades me how to beat this game as I remember last times in Colin Mcrae rally where I could get at least some wins. Anyways the game looks beautiful with all the lightning effects turned on, so for me even just to speed along the highways is fun with controller.
  3. Halloween is (nearly) upon us. What better time to play Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield Hardline, The Sims 4, and other games EA has discounted seemingly at random for its Halloween sale. Sorry, it's Zomboss Invasion sale, in which the baddie from Plants vs Zombies has slashed the prices on loads of EA's best games. There is some Halloween-themed stuff in there, including the Dead Spaces, Alice: Madness Returns, and The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff, but mainly this is your opportunity to buy all the Dragon Ages, Mass Effects, and many of the Battlefields for cheap. DA: Inquisition for £14.99! Battlefield Hardline for £16.66! Those seem like good prices. And there's some non-EA stuff in there too, including Tomb Raider, and The Witcher 2, for £4.49 apiece. Also, from the sale page: EA's Theme Hospital is free. It's not clear if it's still free from January, or whether it's gone free again to join current On The House freebie Red Alert 2, but free is free. Source http://www.pcgamer.com/
  4. Theres Battlefield 4 on Origins "Game Time" and also for 48h Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning if anybody´s interested.
  5. SPECIAL GUEST: You can hear SiN being a chicken during Titan vs Titan. Listen for me saying Hello Noob. ;D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpkNgHGaj8s Type: Sci-fi Multiplayer FPS Dev: Respawn Entertainment Publisher: EA Origin Price: $59.99 Regular, $29.99 Season pass, 79.99 Digital Deluxe (Reg+season pass) Lowest Price: 29.99/17.49/47.99 **NOTE** When on sale I got Regular + Season pass for $47.49, instead of digital deluxe for $47.99-- Save 50 cents. Bundled: Never Pros: Good customization, fun fast-paced action, easy to pick up, Titan Combat is very well done. Cons: No single player campaign, matchmaking is horrendous, Some compatibility issues, PC seems to have less players than console, smart pistol is annoying as hell. Recommended?: I would fully recommend this game on discount. I can not fully endorse $60 for something that only boasts multiplayer. @half off it is a pretty good bargain. It is a pretty fun arena shooter. http://www.titanfall.com/ https://www.origin.com/en-ca/store/buy/titanfall/pc-download/base-game/standard-edition
  6. Introducing The Origin Great Game Guarantee We know that feeling: the one where you sit down, wait for a new game to finish downloading and installing, start it for the first time, and want it to rock. The intro sucks you in, you press a button to shoot, jump, or talk for the first time, and then it's suddenly three a.m. We know that feeling, and the one afterwards of knowing that not only does a game rock, but that it was worth every dollar you spent on it. We hope every game you play on Origin will meet this high bar, and we're happy to say that starting today, we can guarantee that we'll make things right if you decide the game you just bought didn’t live up to your expectations. The new Origin Great Game Guarantee works like this: You may return EA full game downloads (PC or Mac) purchased on Origin for a full refund--within 24 hours after you first launch the game, within seven days from when you purchased it, or within the first seven days after the game's release date if you pre-ordered it (whichever of these conditions happens first). If something doesn't work out—you aren’t riveted by the storyline, or sucked in by the action, or even just if the game doesn't play well with your video card—we’ve got your back. For more details, you can check out the full Origin Great Game Guarantee policy details posted on Origin.com. The Origin Great Game Guarantee is effective as of today in 20 countries. Like the improved Origin Store, we are rolling out the program worldwide over the next few weeks, and everyone will be covered by the Origin Great Game Guarantee by the end of September. source
  7. Video game publisher Electronic Arts announced on Thursday the launch of Origin for Mac, a new built-for-platform version of EA's video game download service that will bring some of the company's biggest titles to Apple desktops and laptops. The arrival of Origin on the Mac means that Apple computer users will now have an all-in-one access point for titles such as The Sims 3, Dragon Age 2, Batman: Arkham City, and LEGO Harry Potter. "Origin is going to allow us," says EA Origin Vice President of Production Mike Blank, "to get games into the hands of our consumers as quickly as we can, to enable our gamers to connect with their friends and to enjoy their gaming experience as quickly and directly as possible." more infos in our brand new RPG gaming forum
  8. Origin for Mac: The Alpha Starts Today! Mac gamers rejoice: Origin for Mac will be launching soon, and starting today we’re offering you the opportunity to take it for a spin before the official release .This open alpha will only be available to a few thousand users in North America and the United Kingdom, so don’t wait—download your copy of our new Mac client (alpha build) today. With Origin for Mac we’ll be able to offer the same Origin experience and features that define our PC app — cloud storage, auto-patching, friends list, and more — to Mac users everywhere. We’re very excited about the upcoming launch of Origin for Mac and the opportunity to reach the millions of Mac-based gamers out there. We’re continuing to build Origin into a gaming service that truly lets you purchase and play anywhere, anytime. You may notice that the Origin Store tab is not yet live in this alpha trial; rest assured, the store will be live—with a great catalog of EA and partner titles—when we formally release the client. Additionally, we’re not yet able to provide the same one-click streaming live to Twitch in Origin for Mac (we’ll be adding this as soon as possible). Otherwise, the Mac client feels and behaves exactly like the PC version. Just like PC gamers, you'll be able to add non-Origin games to your library, use the Origin In Game overlay, chat with friends across platforms and games, and can continue your saved progress from any Origin-enabled Mac. In order to make sure you can get the most out of this alpha trial, we’ve added a free copy of PopCap’s smash hit puzzle game, Bookworm, to your My Games library. This game is yours to download and keep, on us. We hope you enjoy it. Finally, you’ll notice a Feedback button in your My Games library; it’s only there temporarily, but we hope you will use it to share your thoughts with us – after all, that’s what alpha access is for! If you have any further questions, check the FAQ or comment below. Your participation in this alpha trial is greatly appreciated, and your feedback will help ensure the best possible experience for all Mac gamers when we officially launch. If you have a Mac running OS X 10.6.8 or newer with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better, we hope you’ll download the alpha and start gaming today. We always love to hear your feedback, so if you would like to have a conversation about our Mac client, or about additional features and functionality you would like to see come to Origin in the future, leave us a comment below and we’ll do our best to get back to you. source
  9. GoldDust

    Fifa 12

    Does anyone play Fifa 12 on PC ? If so, add me on Origin : "kotnaker" if you would like to play an online game !
  10. EA denies spying on Battlefield 3 Origin users EA has refuted claims from German gamers that download service Origin - required to play Battlefield 3 on PC - spies on users' computer activity and could potentially break the country's privacy laws. German Origin users reacted in anger after images surfaced online appearing to show the service accessing external programs and data synced from mobile phones. Additionally, the Spiegel newspaper printed a list of items from Origin's license agreement it reported could violate German privacy law. Those items included the right for EA to access other EA products without notifying the user, plus the right for EA and unnamed "partners" to "gather, use, store and transmit technical and related information" on "IP addresses, usage data, software, equipment, software usage and existing hardware peripherals" according to the terms of use and for "marketing purposes". German Battlefield 3 gamers have responded by returning shop-bought copies of the game and bombing Battlefield 3's Amazon.de user rating, reducing it to one of the worst on the site. Unusually, German retailers Media Markt and Saturn took the step of refunding used editions of Battlefield 3, even after their PC keys had been redeemed. EA Germany has now updated Origin's terms of service in response to the furore and issued a statement denying its software was spyware. "We have updated the End User License Agreement of Origin, in the interests of our players to create more clarity," EA Germany announced in a statement yesterday. "Origin is not spyware. Neither do we use nor install spyware on the PCs of users. "We do not have access to information such as pictures, documents or personal data, which have nothing to do with the execution of the Origin program on the system of the player, neither will they be collected by us. "EA takes the privacy of its users very seriously. We have taken every precaution to protect the personal and anonymous user data collected." Origin's license agreement matches "industry-standard privacy policies", EA stressed. But "where necessary, we will of course work together with the relevant Government agencies to ensure that our policies are and remain legally compliant." Source DJ Thanks to Schlumpfine for the tip

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