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  1. Happy Birthday GoldDust!

  2. Happy Birthday GoldDust!

  3. GoldDust

    fifa Club Debriefing

    I think the most important thing everyone should learn is to STAY ON YOUR POSITION! If you are a defender, don't be a midfielder, if you play right wing, don't come to the left side...
  4. GoldDust

    fifa What is your favorite team?

    Chelsea FC
  5. Do =F|A= members have to apply as well? Or can I just write to Maryse to ask if I may join?
  6. GoldDust

    TF2 Game Night #19

    I just installed TF2. Will do my very best to join!
  7. GoldDust

    Venice Gltich

    Joe literally said it isn't allowed ...
  8. GoldDust

    Venice Gltich

    I just noticed Mr & 666 used a glitch on Venice on NoQuarter Nobots Server. Via this glitch they can get on the roofs. Is this allowed? They said Rop allowed it. Greetz, GoldDust.
  9. GoldDust

    best. dubstep. evar.

    +1 Wakelost ! http://youtu.be/9JOpcvPCurw
  10. GoldDust

    Your favorite game single player

    Assassin's Creed , Guitar Hero , Call Of Duty ...
  11. GoldDust

    Fifa 12

    Normally you just have to have an Origin account... http://www.origin.com/about
  12. GoldDust

    Fifa 12

    Does anyone play Fifa 12 on PC ? If so, add me on Origin : "kotnaker" if you would like to play an online game !
  13. GoldDust

    Other Happy holidays and Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas & Happy new year ! May the best of 2011 be the worst of 2012.
  14. Good job, Dare & others. New system is well-structured !