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fa goldrush b1 - fa_goldrush_b1.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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fa goldrush b1 - fa_goldrush_b1.pk3 and waypoints

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Big thanks to:



- Added side door to tank compound so it's harder for allies to flank. Side door can be opened by covert ops or by constructing the Southern CP.
- Changed lightning to a more "warm" feel, with that I changed skybox.
- Moved 2nd Truck Barrier, 2nd Tank Barrier and 1st Tank Barrier's construction materials to give axis more cover.
- Made tunnel connecting supply cabinets at Long to 3rd Arch Way.
- Changed balcony completely. Big tower removed. South CP moved on top of new balcony area.
- Bank Courtyard completely overhauled. More cover, more roof access etc.
- Axis 2nd spawn roof changed, (compared to GALS it's easier to get to roof now.)
- Added another exit out of Axis 2nd spawn to cool down on blocking.
- Gold in Bank moved forward.
- Added another entrance into Bank for allies to attack.
- West of Bank Courtyard I opened up a house, again to help allies capture gold.
- *Lots* of clipping removed, I'd say +50%. This gives a way more open feel for the player and more spots are accessible.
- Entities 2720 -> 1702
- MG near old 2nd Truck Barrier removed. Same goes to the one near 2nd Tank Barrier.
- Supply cabs in axis spawn moved to back alley near Bank.

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On 7/22/2018 at 2:20 PM, Cit0 said:

found some wall bugs to look at, here is a demo :)





Sorry for the late response, I recently continued work on b2 version and fixed this glitch. Thank you!

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