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Minecraft Meinkraft! (lol)


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So I've noticed the MC server seems to be down daily (never seen it up.)



Do we not have one anymore?



If not; would anyone be interested in seeing a new one up?



I used to work for two different MineCraft hosting companies and have a TON of experience with them.

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I've yet to seen any news about the minecraft server since I've been here, which is over a year now. I think the minecraft servers just retired (couldn't find confirmation about this though doing a fast search).


I don't really play anymore, but the idea of playing on a server did interest me. I did read they are still adding a bunch of stuff. Might be an interesting idea for sure!

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I think the server got taken down due to inactivity which made it not worth the effort to update it and whatnot. For the ~4months I had played on it, I only ever saw 1-2 people/day at the max. I was just a regular server with a few plug-ins.

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