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  1. I sometimes play on a server with many custom maps and they have a list of downloads for them on their site if anyone is interested in adding any of those to #2. (If possible) All those maps have working thumbnails as well. Here's a link http://insgamer.com/downloads-maps.html
  2. Ooh okay I did not know it worked like that. Yea I wouldn't want to reduce the slots for human players!! Thanks for clearing that up.
  3. Hey guys Now that we're actively changing a bunch on #2 I thought it would be a nice idea to increase the bot count in the waves. Especially in the checkpoint mode on 70% of the maps it's hard to lose with a full server, even if you're trying to lose. Don't get me wrong though, I don't want to lose either, but I think it would be more challenging. I noticed we also have increased supply points on #2 meaning we can have a larger load-out from the beginning meaning more guns to kill terrorists with and whatnot. I suppose it would be best to only increase the amount on #2 and leave #1 as it is so everyone has a level of toughness they like. Edit: Looks like I HAVE to choose a topic prefix, therefore the unfitting "Insurgency Help".
  4. Aaah Alright, thanks for clearing that up!!
  5. I am a fan of custom maps, I do think the game doesn't have many default maps. Although it partially makes up for that by being able to play all modes on every map. However we seem to always get the same maps on the server to chose from, sometimes 3/6 choices are the same maps.
  6. BF 1 looks VERY appealing to me, though some things which hold me back paying THAT much money for a FPS with a single player campaign of only ~5hours. Although I've heard BF 1 does not support third party servers, meaning they only run official servers and so we couldn't set one up even if we wanted to. (I'm not a 100% sure about this)
  7. I think the server got taken down due to inactivity which made it not worth the effort to update it and whatnot. For the ~4months I had played on it, I only ever saw 1-2 people/day at the max. I was just a regular server with a few plug-ins.
  8. Question about the map cycle: Why is there no "Contact (checkpoint)" in it? I need to finish it successfully for an achievement. (I guess I could go on other servers and look for that map though)
  9. One of the Insurgency admins was experimenting with getting the max player count to 16 (I think) and it brought a bunch of bugs. For example 80% of the attachments cost 0 points and the bots were very glitchy. After the most populated screenshot my game crashed because 20 bots were trying to hug me at once. The ones with ERROR as 'feet' were only killable by fire, explosions or by shooting their invisible legs.
  10. Here are some screenies I took when someone was performing some tests on the =F|A= servers:
  11. Negative, you get warned even during running so I don't think the timer has anything to do with it. Or I don't know how it works.
  12. We are having an issue with the second insurgency server. Players who are playing normally are getting a few warnings they will be kicked for being AFK. They eventually get kicked and have to rejoin. In a single round about 6 of us (including me) have experienced it (in survival, where you start of with just a pistol). I'm unsure whether this is happening on the other server as well or not, but it is a serious issue. In 'survival' mode this is a real issue as you lose all your hard earned points upon rejoining of course.
  13. No I'm talking about multiplayer! But yea I do agree, its become one of those games you play for a few weeks, then you don't for a couple months and so on...

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