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  1. So I do this in my spare time and I enjoy it - unfortunately I don't have many SFW pictures yet, (You work a lot with a nude model when working on the body etc.) But here's a SFW shot or two, might put more up if people want. Edit #1: Heres a lighting test I did. Yes, I know shes not looking at the camera.
  2. Diana#5677 Invite when you can please. c:
  3. #somewhatnecro - So. I know why your single - try cleaning the symbols on your drum set. I like a man who can clean. Just sayin. ♥
  4. Skyline Chili! ♥ *Drools quietly.*
  5. 1978 Red Wine, good shit. Yay for friends who work at wineries.
  6. Slack = Amazing. I use it pretty heavily lol. Love it.
  7. Dianax

    Meinkraft! (lol)

    Well, if we get any more interest ill prod the upper staff and see what I can do.
  8. So I've noticed the MC server seems to be down daily (never seen it up.) Do we not have one anymore? If not; would anyone be interested in seeing a new one up? I used to work for two different MineCraft hosting companies and have a TON of experience with them.
  9. Dianax

    Vanity's Setup!

    Definitely not rich. I just had something called Microcenter near me a few months back (when I had a job lol). Parts were fairly cheap from them, killer prices.
  10. Dianax

    Vanity's Setup!

    So I figured i'd post my hardware here just because. Validation(For you nerds ♥): http://valid.x86.fr/sxcnkx CPU: i7 6700k Skylake @ 4.2 Ghz RAM: 32 GB DDR4 2400 GPU: GTX 1070 (Asus) OS HDD: 480 GB SSD (850 Evo) Storage: 3x 240 SSD's (various) - Used to be in RAID0. Monitor: Vizio 48" @ 120hz Mouse: Aorus Gaming Mouse Keyboard: Razor Black Widow (Mechanical) SECOND PC(Right next to the first): CPU: AMD FX 8350 @ 4.6 Ghz RAM: 24 GB DDR3 1866 OS HDD: 240 GB Vertex Series SSD Storage: 2x 240 SSD's in RAID0 GPU: GTX 650 Ti Boost Aivia Osmium & Uranium for Mouse & Keyboard. Misc Network / Other hardware: Server (Mostly unused atm) CPU: 2x E5650's RAM: 48 GB DDR3 ECC 1600 Storage: 8x 15.7k Cheetah 250 GB drives in RAID0 Buffalo dual bay NAS - 2x 2TB drives in RAID0 (Movies, TV shows, random old games i dont want to redownload etc..)
  11. what time do u play on servers???

    1. Dianax


      Mostly later at night, I got into a car accident so been kind of spotty past couple days. :\

    2. Mr.Karizmatic


      oh thats bad hope u are doing good ... take ur time dear :).. hope to catch u on servers.. take care

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