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LMAO ET parody


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It's just a bit spooky that the ET-movie-makers could find old WWII bunkers to stage their film-shoots.  Or were those Cold-War bunkers?  

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dunno where it was filmed, but where i live(Poland), people still finds old missiles, grenades in a woods, fields or even in a cities on constructions sites.

So an old bunker is no big deal to me lol






years ago one of my stupid friends bring to school an old missile(about 5 kg) , thx to him we had a day free of school





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Same here, old bunkers and sand trails and misc hw stuff on large areas. Could be fun to make short movie in real deal :)


I remeber when I was young (40y ago) after shool we did run bike on near small lake ice, It was so thin ice at it was waweing after us.

It was so thin at we can see clearly trought it and spottet some interesting stuff in bottom of lake (around 1m deep on that spot)

we did make hole in ice (easy) and liftet thing with lasso (made of closest small wood) and it was old ww2 hand granade (german one)

then we spottet other... and another... after small time we did have pile of granades in ice around 20pcs. Then more people came and continued

and older kids stared to trow them in ice. That point I did letf and right after came polices and soldiers to evacue closest houses and collect

found ones.


There was big german storage next to that lake and they blow it up when they was forced to move more north from there. There is still a lot off stuff left :D



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We still have batteries in Normandy, near Longues-sur-Mer. I've seen them last year and then we went on the beach (not sand but rocks!).



We also have Pointe du Hoc, with all these bombs craters, pretty impressive!


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