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COC Monthly Clash Of Clan Award:August

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1. If your base didnt 3star in a war for like 5 war attacks in row then u get Bronze award/medal and if it didnt 3 star for like 10 then silver and then for 15 war attacks it is gold. (as u say its not fair for low lvl guys but read my whole list)


2. Most troops Donated. This will increase the enthusiasm in all the players and they start donating more i know some will just donate troops just for award (which is still happening now without an award sometimes) but i think as we have all members no outsider or the one who doesnt follow if we put a rule, so i think this award shall work quiet good.


3. 3 star in a war in less time . In this award the person has to post his time and at the end of the month we can give them this will help in people upgrading there troops trying many strategies etc and this will for sure help us in war..


4. Highest loot stole in 1 attack well again this might vary frm low th to high th.....




1.IF some posted with higher then yours please don't post .

2. Keep Your screenshots clean so we can see it and award you messy screenshot might wont help You.

3. And i and other leaders/co-leader shall keep an eye on players who just donate for award like if we ask dragon and just for award u donate babrs and archers... Repeating this multiple times and later Posting it to get an award ,your request will be terminated and you wont get an award for that month...

4.Make sure you post video or screenshot time for the AWARD NO.3 So we can see the exact time.


Some other Rules shall be added if needed....


Happy Farming/attacking...



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Just to start us of, most loot for August. post-14329-0-52734200-1438598820_thumb.jpg


Is this the right place to post? If not can someone move it please.

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Winners of Clash Of clan Award for August :


1.Ktom for Wannabe Goblin


2. Mr.Karizmatic for Bronze Defence


3. Mr.Karizmatic for The Giver of Hope

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