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  1. My entry hope i beat Ktom , because i used only BArch army.
  2. The best defense is to not to keep your storages filled up and having a farming base with TH in the corner unprotected. 98% percent of the time (speaking from my experience so far below 2000 cup trophy level) mostly i get TH snipers attacking me and leaving.
  3. And dont forget to choose "opt in or out" before the next war search.
  4. Why did you give up Ray?? Cant you see the sadness in those all those eyes you left behind to mourn. Come and see here how much people miss you and love you? Was it really worth it? RIP
  5. This one is said to work but check your system requirements, probably requires a high end PC/laptop http://www.andyroid.net/
  6. Hey guys back after a long time, was caught up in busy job and family duties. Mean while got a smart phone and addicted to COC. I have a mid level TH 7 like to join FA COC clan. Village name "advaita" please accept my join request to join the war clan.
  7. Hi guys, Apologies for not being active on server(HDD crash - in the process of getting new one). But I do visit the forum every now and then to check on the latest happenings and see how all are doing. So just wanted to suggest can we have FA forums on Tapatalk since almost everybody nowadays has a smartphone and its a great way of being active on the forum and get the latest updates on topics, news and whole lot of other stuff. Opinions from all welcome. Tapatalk on Itunes Tapatalk on Android Tapatalk for Windows phone
  8. ET is 100% perfect, No bugs for me (Sometimes I play with my Lungi before brushing my teeth and taking the early morning shit on a holiday)
  9. Baserace is one of the most underrated maps in ET. Players should understand that it is a tactical and strategic map and the way you build your base makes all the difference between fun and drudgery. The most common mistake even the most experienced players do is grab the first two easiest boxes available and build the wire fences without understanding the synergy bonuses. These synergy bonuses give a huge advantage and can turn the tide of the flow of the game in favour of the weaker team. There was a comprehensive Baserace Mission Guide which I am afraid is now only available through the Internet Wayback Machine. Here it is https://web.archive.org/web/20090420041303/http://battlefield.planetwolfenstein.gamespy.com/baseraceguide/index.htm This is a quick 10 point configuration guide about the various combinations of base building. https://web.archive.org/web/20090420041303/http://battlefield.planetwolfenstein.gamespy.com/baseraceguide/baseconfigurations.htm and the synergies put in a beautiful simple format https://web.archive.org/web/20090420041308/http://battlefield.planetwolfenstein.gamespy.com/baseraceguide/synergies.htm My favourite strategy when I play Baserace is Build the spawn to level 2 and the Tactical to level 2, which gives the covert warp pad which can give the covert op speedy access to the enemy base. Further developing this strategy by building the Engineering to level 4 which not only gives a forward outpost in addition to activating the Landmine sentry which plants landmines all over the base without the Engineer having to do nothing.
  10. Eagles 2 ways B3 based on a popular WW2 novel(where eagles dare) would be a fun addition with scope for all class of soldiers. Details: http://et.trackbase.net/map/69/ Download: http://www.wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=327
  11. This is how we take our filter coffee in South India http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_filter_coffee ... and I have two each, one in the morning after I wake up and later in the evening when I come back from work. We use this brand in our home
  12. Awesome soundtrack from the new Tamil movie Ramanujam(The story of one of the greatest mathematician of India)
  13. It's been a long time since i came on the forums or servers, but what a blast here, handshakes to JayC and Anni for their elevations . You guys deserved your kicks upstairs.

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