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Angry States of America


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ticle by WN.com Correspondent Dallas Darling




It won't be long before the United States of America will have to change its name to the Angry States of America (ASA). From the "Hands up, don't shoot!" and "I can't breathe..." police killings to the finally released Senate Intelligence Committee's TortureReport (SICTR), including a 12-year-old in Cleveland who was also black and recently shot to death by a white police officer, the law ends where anger begins. Michael BrownEric Garner, Tamir Rice, and the thousands of detainees beaten, hanged, raped, isolated, sleep deprived, waterboarded, and frozen to death, were all killed or disposed of by an emotionally charged and oppressive system which claims to be exercised for the good of its victims. And since minorities in the ASA are twenty-one times more likely to be shot to death by a white police officer, or that the ASA is much more likely to preemptively invade and militarily occupy a nation with dark-skinned people than light-skinned people, it is a system tinged with a cultural legacy of racial hatred and dislike.


Anger is a strong and intense feeling of irritation, displeasure and impatience towards a person, place, thing or idea. It also entails a belief that one has somehow been badly mistreated or victimized. Although angry feelings are a natural emotion, cross-cultural studies reveal that many Americans have high rates of emotional trait anger, known as continuous anger, which is a personality feature.(1) Trait anger is an extremely dangerous emotion since it is hidden and repressed, and since it is shaped by a culture of low-tolerance towards others, especially minorities or individuals that appear different. Its danger lies in its sudden ability to surface in a stressful situation. At the same time, it is quick to blame others, primed to fight back when provoked, and clouds normal and healthy thinking processes. Trait anger also diminishes interpersonal introspection, or the ability to read and understand the body languages of others while being fully aware of one's own feelings, thoughts, motives and perceptions.


From slavery to worker suppression and numerous ongoing wars, including a powerful ruling and wealthy class which socially engineers the under classes to assail each other with personalized feelings of economic inferiority, America has experienced numerous periods of emotional anger and racial realignments. In more recent times, children and youth were encouraged to not only question authority and others but to freely express feelings of anger and frustration. It was important, then, to protect one's self worth by provoking power struggles. But now that this same generation is in power, power is no longer a means but an end. The adolescent revolutions after World War II did not safeguard revolutionary creativity but instead established a revolutionary dictatorship. This is why authorities can use lethal force as long as they "perceive" their lives are in danger. It is also a rule that grand juries are to abide by when trying to indict a police officer for killing unarmed citizens. Thus, permissible trait anger becomes very lopsided.


Trait anger also becomes a valuable commodity that keeps governing authorities and their lethal ideologies in power. It is used to rally and unify a nation against imaginary threats and enemies. It also deflects blame and accountability. Think of the anger, rage and hostility which overwhelmed the ASA right after September 11, 2001Instead of wrestling with the causes of the attacks, and there were many, leaders told Americans they were victims of a diabolical plot, one that led to the Global War On Terrorand the SICTR. In order for trait anger to thrive it must be collectively contagious, continually propagated and internalized. It must constantly be played out in the mass media and news cycles, censoring anyone who disagrees. As for the adolescent generations that questioned authority and laws-or at least wanted to-and are now in power, they are creatively expressing their rage and anger by violating international laws and torturing others around the globe. Dark-skinned others, that is, which fits the mold of ASA's legacy of racial anger.


At the root of unlimited trait anger is selfishness and ethnocentrism. It can corrupt the mind, even an entire society. Sadly, it can become all to familiar. If Americans are to resolve generational-trait anger, they will have to break a code of silence and confront a legacy of racial hostilities mixed with shameful economic inequalities. Police officers wearing body cameras is a good start. (Should security guards and those working in prisons? And now that Americans are no longer secure in their persons or personal belongings, should body cameras apply to elected politicians and all authorities, National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agencyofficials, and Pentagon personnel and soldiers? Especially since they are responsible for fighting wars, interrogating prisoners, and spying on Americans.) Truth and Reconciliation Boards would also help transform a culture built on racial anger and intolerance, as would stressing the importance of introspection and the power of verbal and nonverbal de-escalation.


Time will tell if the ASA changes. One immediate sign would be ensuring that those responsible for the recent police killings and torturous interrogations be held accountable for their crimes against peace and humanity.


Dallas Darling (darling@wn.com

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Whose side are you on man? I have zero sympathy for terrorists. They're lucky they even lived after we captured them. If it were up to me I'd have just shot them in the head with a 25 cent bullet rather than feed and house them for years and years using the same taxpayer's money who they tried to kill. They're terrorists... they kill people... they killed over 3,000 innocent americans on 9/11. They deserve to be waterboarded. In fact, if we didn't have such techniques we wouldn't have gotten Bin Laden.


As for police brutality, yes it needs to end. But this whole Mike Brown crap ended just as quick as it started. Mike Brown was a criminal. Also, he was not a boy. He was a 6' 4" 290 lb adult male who had just robbed a convenience store. A grand jury decision trumps people's opinions unfortunately and this story fell apart as soon as the facts started getting released. It does suck that someone got shot and killed don't get me wrong. But, this whole mess got politicized from the beginning. You got Al Sharpton out there (who is one of the most racist people I've heard speak if you listen to his rants) riling people up before anyone even knew what happened. So these "angry americans" went on to burn and destroy dozens of local businesses because some idiot strongarmed a convenience store owner and then tried the same thing with a police officer. And people are upset when the officer shot him? Police get killed too. Also, police get killed when their weapons are taken and used against them. The only reason that black people are 21% more likely to be shot by a white officer is because there are more white officers than black officers. White people are just as likely to be shot when they act the way Michael Brown did that day. That's not racism.


If people want this to end it is a very simple process. Quit wasting precious time and energy on protesting police violence and start protesting your government to pass a law where ALL on-duty law enforcement are forced to wear chest cams from the time they clock in til the time they clock out. If you do some research you'll find that districts that wear cameras the complaints of police violence have drastically fallen. Almost instantly. 


I may sound like a big a-hole, and I don't really stand up for piece of s#$t cops... but destroying your own city out of uneducated and undirected anger is just plain ignorant.

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Bleh, gaming forum, let's not talk about shooting real people in the head... Do you really think torturing people will solve any problems on long term? Ever thought about not feeding anger?

@ageold, good article. It's an incredibly interesting problem and I would really advice Americans to have a look at Europe in accordance to this problem. Seems like there are some real problems worth thinking through.

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here we go again   :rolleyes:

haha, I get a kick out of peoples comments. 


I'm not on a side, I find it funny that's all. I left the south a few months ago, bigotry in the south is a huge issue. You think terrorist are the issue, na we have an old issue boiling itself to the top again slowly. Now I have southern folk bringing their thoughts farther north. Which encourages groups that have been silent to rise even as far north as Michigan. Hell, the deed on my house reads back to 1890 that no negro own this property and the idealism is already here and its blossoming again stronger and healthier. 


This country is imploding on itself and were worried about outside issues ( threats), I just find it Ironic.


* Threats = I guess that would be terrorists and in the minds of the people I used to work for 100% of the tourist that enter the U.S. are in that list, not including other Governments of other Countries, Private Sector Investors like the Saudi's, list goes on for miles, etc.


forgot the NSA's list too, they pretty much got everyone.

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Rather call it The United States of Racism and Voilence.


Also privacy is something that don't exist anymore. They can track you down till your underwear if they want.

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