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  1. @the cake is a lie maybe you have a fix? you use linux too right?
  2. How is everyone? :)



    1. Xiahou Dun

      Xiahou Dun

      Heyo excedo!


      Next week, new chances, true that. Let's see where those chances lead us.

  3. Ah I liked the map, maybe the legendary @Smileyyycan make a =F|A=Stalingrad !?
  4. excedo

    ET Jay #2 Jay 2 BOTS

    I don't get what is wrong with the amount of bots now. They offer obj play, when none cares and they are easy kill targets. Besides rating (Trackbase, splatterladder) that can be affected, I don't see any point of decreasing the amount.
  5. The reason why FA is still so strong to this day is because they are a open community for everyone, changing that with idiotic rules like this will destroy it within months, simply because ping doesnt work that way. Lol. As long as your ping is stable, So not jumping between larger numbers constant, there is really NO disadvantage. I am from EU and I mostly play on Jay1. (As Kyler Quinn) nowadays, if you wonder. And sometimes I play decent and the other I got rolled. And that with a average ping of 110-120.
  6. A lot of people dislike it, But I love it, GLE63S COUPE!
  7. Was the mapmaker influenced by this movie perhaps?
  8. Tf? U left FA?

    1. Larysa


      You are the secretary...why do you always have to be the last one to know about things 


  9. Welcome on the forums buddy.
  10. excedo

    ET Server Suggestion FA dosent have sniper server

    N!tmod is best sniper mod! :)
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