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  1. Good. Free weekend! Ill be there.
  2. Ah. I always thought when you're on adre you need more hits to kill someone then without using it.
  3. More skill based rating from TrackBase. Only works with TB 3.00 version. Jay2 has ETlegacy as base, which is as far I know newer.
  4. @daredevil The House will only show up at maxium of 34 players?
  5. DD told me its because of the server specs, Jay2 is running on a way better server ( He called it a beast of a server ), so thats explains the lag. One tip: Dont use adre on adre servers, you will need less headshots to kill someone with adre.
  6. Folks, After a long time I finally got my confirmation. Jay2 plays way less laggy when there are 40+ players online compared to Jay1. Have been switching servers yesterday evening, and Jay2 felt smooth as butter! I saw on TrackBase that Jay2 is running ETlegacy as base and Jay1 ET 3.00 from TB, could that explain things? And if that is the case, is it possible to change Jay1 to ETlegacy too? THx
  7. equalz -> excedo after 4 years of service I said my name goodbye. I want to start streaming soon and my name equalz is a well known rap group here in The Netherlands!

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. 0siE.


      I was kidding you O:-)



    3. AnG3L


      Too many names, we are all lost now :)

    4. excedo


      No worries guys, I am still the same mofo I always was :P. I will share my twitch later tonight! :D Motafied was also a pretty good DJ from here so same story as equalz after 4 years !


  8. Damnn @daredevil, I am jelly on your new PC. Still i3-8100 with a GTX 560 here. LOL
  9. I appreciate your information. But there is currently NO 100% valid cure/vaccin for Corona. So stop spreading lies. There are some medicine who work in the first stage of the virus. But NO 100% cure against later stages...
  10. Welcome, enjoy your stay with us!
  11. Topics like this make me feel so much better. https://www.businessinsider.nl/south-korea-coronavirus-testing-death-rate-2020-3?international=true&r=US Problem is that every country has his own rules with testing of patients. I think South-Korea understands the problem very well and don't take any risk.

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