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Galaxy S3 Sudden Death syndrome


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Hey all,


Does anyone else got Galaxy S3 and his phone just died ?

I went to sleep and when I wake up on the morning my phone was dead, not able to reload himself or anything else even when I put him in charge :(


I've read it's called Sudden Death Syndrome aka SDS.. 


Why me ?? :( :(

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SDS was patched 2 years ago by Samsung... So it's probably not that. Luckily.

See if you can boot into recovery mode: http://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s3/283020-guide-rebooting-into-recovery-mode-galaxy-s2-s3-tab2.html and wipe the cache.

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I have the same prob here with a Tab 2 10.1.. Tips I have read:


-sometimes screen appears to be all black, but is in reality ON and is due to a freeze of the OS. So force to turn off your phone in pressing the power bouton during at least 30secs.

-try to start in recovery mode like suggested by Xerni.

-test your phone with another charger or even another cordon. Don't know if those of Apple's phone are compatible with the S3 like they are with the Tab 2.

-in case it would come back to life, check if there's a system update available.

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None had worked for me.


But my system could not be updated when phone were alive.

it was stuck on 4.0.4 and said no updates were found.


therefor I think my phone had the SDS :(

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