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Question about Terraria region/area


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Hey guys,

I have a quick question about a area in my generated world.
So I was mining one day under my house, and I came across a crimson altar:

But when I first came across it, this eerie music was playing. The start of the loop sounded almost like a Mario Bro's Egypt/Pyramid region. Then as I mine into the stone and sand, the blocks are dealing me damage as I mine them.

I understand that the crimson altar means that I'm standing in an area that's supposed to be underground crimson... I presume that seed would activate once Hard Mode is triggered.

Anyways, I searched for this region, blocks that deal damage (and no, not sand falling on my head :P), and listening through the OST for that music... couldn't find it. So I appreciate any help or advice you kind folks out there might have.

Thank you. :)

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maybe you hit the altar with the wrong tool? that does damage you if i remember correctly.

The music part doesnt ring a bell for me except some cave sounds maybe?

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the damage is just sand being buggy, not that uncommon in terraria.

the sound i cannot directly place still, but if it tickles your fancy you could have a listen to the soundtracks of the game here http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Music

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