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Fly fishing


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Hi all,


My biggest hobbie is fly fishing. I dont know if anyone else here does it?

In spring and summer in most off my time in the weekends i'll be found in belgium or germany for flyfishing on trout and grayling.

Besides flyfishing i build my own flies and rods in the winter time.


Greets IJS

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Lol..flyfishing is fishing with an imitation bug/spider/fly etc.

If you're interested, there are million movies on youtube that explains this type of fishing :)

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This is where im fishing for: This Brown Trout caught in Germany last summer. Fishing for brown trout can't be done in the Netherlands, so I have to go to our neighbour countries.


P.s. every fish i catch is going back in the river alive and kicking. I only fish catch and release.

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I also build my own rods..build 4 rods for now and im busy on my 5th.




I also build my own flies...but haven't got a good picture for you right now.

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In the past I have fly fished for Large mouth bass.  I have a Chugger made from cork and it works great.

Biggest fish I have caught on it was 3#.  That was a good tussle.  When the Bass turn off to everything else

I have caught them on my flyrod, with a large crane fly imitator in the summer.  Most of the fish are about 1#.

But they are so fun.

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