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terrible fps


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so this isnt like your usual low fps thread.

my game and most likely laptop has gotten fuked by a torrent,and when i play et i dont just have low fps but the game just kinda slows down if you know what im saying,it feels like a video card problem....

It isnt like stable low fps,the game jumps from 80-90 to less then 20 for a bit then up again etc..when im around people shooting etc it goes super low...

This happened after i torrented a game,i did a system restore point before torrenting and restored my laptop but the game was still there (duh whats the point calling it a restore if files are unaffected?)...


So i have no idea what to do,i scaned with malwarebytes and the shitty (at this point) windows defender and they found nothing..


Any idea?



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Tried fps related cvars?
like r_detailtextures 0
cg_simpleitems 1

r_primitives 0 or 1 or 2 (check which works for you best), try this first since you said sth about graphic card issues. After each value do vid_restart

r_picmip 3

What is your graphic card, processor, ram?

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1st simple thing you can do is to check the Windows Experience Index scores. Even if this latter is not the most accurate as benchmarking tool, it could help to detect hardware issues.


Click on the "Re-run the assessment" bouton located like shown below on the picture:


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eh malwarebytes found a thing but it still didnt fix the problem..

then i updated radeon drivers still not fixed..

then out of the blue i have very good fps again,strange


thanks anyway

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