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Fix the Servers


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The last week everyone almost has been lagging horribly on both Hardcore and ETPub, personally yesterday ETPub was lagging so bad I thought it was going to crash, Hardcore was fine and quite playable with the usual FA server lag. Today Hardcore is lagging so bad its unplayable, haven't tried ETPub yet though. Next server settings I feel need to be changed imo from a fun, competitive, and abusive standpoints.


Hardcore-- TeamKilling


This is becoming a bigger issue everytime I play on Hardcore which is my favorite server because having friendly Fire on, players are teamkilling senselessly and at an alarming rate. Every gun, dont matter which one its happening with them all, two guns in particular are way out of hand in a few different senses. The rnade and panzers are tking quite a bit more than the rest. What makes this even worse is these two guns do massive damage compared to the rest. The anti-tking script Aigle made isnt getting the job done whatsoever. Some suggestions imo to help stop all the madness and this goes for both servers including ETPub even though FF is off there. First thing is to limit how many panzers and rnades are allowed per team at one time. Panzers are already set to the right number, 1 per team, now we just need to change the recharge rate of the panzer to normal rather than 100 shots in 100 secs. On to Rnades, as far as Ive seen they arent limited at all per team wise which is quite disturbing since rnades deal the most damage and best kill rates of any gun in ET. Fix- Limit them to 1 rnade per team with 6 or fewer players, and anything over 7 max them at 2 per team. Thats beyond a reasonable request and I see no problems with it. Other classes are limited such as medic 5 per team no matter the team size and I believe even Fops maxes at two per team from what Ive seen. If your not going to limit rnades to 1-2 per team and set the panzer recharge rate to default/normal then I think medics should have adrenaline too, even though I hate adrenaline, nothing but a crutch like a panzer. It would only be fair to that class. Next is Fops, with how the class is setup on both the servers you can only truely use 1 per team even if teams are 11vs11, which is appauling considering you can have 5 meds/ 5 rnades, and 1super panzer per team. Seriously wth is going on with the server settings.....? So my suggestion for Fops is either lift the restrictions where a 2nd Fops can fully be utilized, or limit Fops 1 per team.


Here imo would be a good way to setup the classes and also help turn the server toward more teamwork/ Objective gameplay, rather than it is now, K/D ratio play.


6per team or less

4 meds max

1 default panzer max, 2 heavy weapons max, (as in either 1 panzer and flamer, or 1 panzer and 1 mg etc.)

2 fops max

2 covert ops max

3 engineer max, only 1 rnade though.


7per team or more, this next part is quite debatable since adding more slots for classes with just one 1-2 more players EX: 7vs7/ 8vs8 would need some adjusting but heres my layout for it.


5 meds max

3 heavy weapons max ( but 1 panzer default, 1 flamethrower, 1 mortar, 1 mg per team out of the 3 heavy weapons slots)

3 fops max

3 covert ops max

5 engineer max, 2 rnades only/max.


That to me seems quite fair and will make both servers alot more fun to play on along with making them alot more Objective based rather than just killing based. It Balances the classes out and allows for the classes to be used in alot better team effort than the classes as they are now setup on the servers. Back to Teamkilling, I think we need to make it alot stricter, Ive seen one player get kicked the whole time its been on and he had a panzer and tked like 9 teammates intentionally before he got the kick. I see no problem making this alot alot more strict, yes accidents happen but they should be quite rare. I didn't script it Aigle did I believe, but it needs to be cranked up, and Im not sure if you can change the rates of the script for different guns, but if so the rnade and panzer TK kick damage should be very strict, like with panzer say you get 1 tk allowed for every 2 kills. So in other words if you get 2 kills with a panzer, u then can tk once, but then you have to get 2 more kills at least before you can tk again or it would kick you. Again I see no problem making it that strict on panzers, it will teach players that use the panzer to look before they shoot and not kill 2-4 teammates at one time to get 1 enemy kill.


Last thing is maps, yes I know DD will say which ones do you want, thing is good maps are hard to find, so just putting bad maps on the server instead making alot of players disconnect because of the map isnt the best idea nor solution. We have had some really bad maps on ETPub and Hardcore for awhile that make no logically Obj sense and make everyone disconnect. The main maps I see everyone hates and then disconnect from are CTF_POOL, Hinderburg( horrible fps map, most players cant play it for that reason), ET Beach/ 1944 Beach, Axis Lab, karsiah_TE, Tankbuster, and a few more. Those are the main ones especially CFT Pool and Hinderburg that make everyone disconnect. On a side note, looking at hardcore map selection right now there are 20 really good maps, On ETPub it also has 20 great maps on it, isnt that enough maps?....20 for a selection/ rotation. I see no other servers hardly that offer that many quality maps if any other servers. The thing that causes wanting new maps and bitching about the ones we have now is the voting system, simply put the same maps keep getting played over and over. It would be a great idea to just use the 20 great maps on both Hardcore and ETPub and make a rotation of them and do away with the map voting althogether that causes nothing but problems and bitching. I hope you guys please take a serious look at my suggestions to change things, most people who play there always tell me the same things Ive posted here, most of you guys play on jaymod servers so you see what jaymodders like and that influences you a bit in setting up core and pub I think. You need to think about what the players that only play on the Hardcore and ETPub servers want rather than the jaymodders. Again hopefully you guys will take this to heart, I love your servers myself but things have gotten out of hand for too long, if some of this stuff isnt changed or fixed I will definitely play elsewhere personally. Respectfully... Matthew

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I doubt that changing up the class restrictions will change how people play on the server. People who like to frag are still going to frag even if you limit their fav weapon down, they'll just either get it and use it, or find a different weapon.


I can guarantee that if you limit cops down to 2 and 3 I won't be playing as much. I know most people don't ONLY play sniper like I do, but on maps where lots of people snipe, fuel and etbeach mainly, then usually both teams already have 4 cops. There's been a couple times that I've just sat in spec because I couldn't get on either team when the limit was set at 4.


You talk about how the server will be more objective based if those restrictions are used, but many people don't bother/care about objective. If you lift the restriction on fops it will basically be the same obj wise. Someone who doesn't know how to use fops for obj will get that class and just waste airstrikes and arty, leaving the person who is on fops and knows what to do with the same or less amount of arty. All this will do is add extra arty around the spawns.


I don't think you should limit engis, but limiting rnades would be good. I'm not sure what they're at, but 3 seems like a good number to me. This isn't a scrim server and people who don't know how to play for obj or who aren't that good are on it and I don't ever see an excess in rnades except in sp delivery, I'm not sure what it is about that map but it seems like half the server is rnades.

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That 4 med restriction + the rnade restritcion is a lil much imo. I always hate when theres 5 medics and i can't med, so i usually go rnade. If only one rnade is available, or even just 2 it would get taken up very easily. I don't play on hardcore that much, but im starting to more now, and idk if its just me but i think the restrictions are fine how they are.


I agree with the lag problem though, it gets pretty baddd.

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  • Administrators

Let's address this issue in few stages:


-- LAG.


1. Last time I heard you burned out your old graphics card and you are on board graphics card. Let's assume it's fixed now or you got new one or whatever the case is. But lag still exist and now question would be how to fix your lag.

In LAG I can see 3 problems.

1. Your Internet

2. Your PC

3. Server


Let’s again assume you have so called perfect PC and Internet with zero packet loss. So, we need to fix server. Now before we go more into fixing server side problem answer me few questions.

Show me 3 servers who are in top rank 50 on www.gametracker.com, using Etpub 9.x build and they don’t lag for you. They should meet following criteria.

1. PB – On.

2. Running cvar and md5 scans.

3. Server with running avg 15 players though out the day.

PM me those 3 server IP and I will look at their server host. That being said if you or anyone else would like to donate we can always get dedicated box. Looking at how much donations I received in our 300$/monthly clan bill I assume it will be tough for you to get partners who can pay 150$ for new box each month.



I have full faith in emsgaming.com because I know what machines he is using for hosting our server. So, I am not changing Etpub IP till someone proves me or shows me packet loss more then 5-10 times in single month. Hardcore is hosted with gameservers.com. Now, lets say both Etpub lags for you. We can always get our own dedicated box providing you find enough donor's to pay for that box, because I will not spend even single penny more then 300$/month from my pocket (which also includes 20-50$ from our donor's).


-- Server Settings:

FYI Etpub and Hardcore are both PUB servers. Also, all the above server settings which you mention where on Etpro server since from start. We had 2 Etpro servers in past with one public and private. With time no one used it much and we removed it due to lack of funds since neither me nor any founders are relative of Bill Gate or Mr. Obama. FYI last Etpro was removed after keeping it for like appx 12 months.

That being said there will be no class limit except rilfe nades and if I am correct panzer and heavy weapons limit is already there, but I will still make sure it's 1 per team. As per allowing only 1 heavy weapon at a time out of all i.e. flamer, MG and panzer is not going to happen under any circumstances. Fearless Assassins run server for all i.e. noobs and pro's and not for one specific person.


Now, let’s talk for auto kick for FF. Its fine at what it is at present on hardcore because in the end admins have warn and kick. IMO I never liked running public FF on servers because it’s always chaos in end. If player A kills B, player B goes emo and start doing same to him and others. The day I will get bored with whining of team kills I will just remove the FF and will go back with old style.



We have artillery and air strike limitations since ages. It's only allowed once every 30 - 45 seconds no matter how many field ops are their and that also even changes dynamically as map changes. So, I feel useless to put limitations on field ops.


-- Maps.

I have put all maps from the suggestion section of maps. I strongly suggest you put your comments for maps in that section because my eyes can’t see any map specific discussions in other sections. If I don’t put new maps I see players complaining and if I do put new maps from what players have suggested few other will complain. That being said none of founders are sluts here that they will try to please all each day. There will be always few who don’t like some maps.


FYI on both Etpub and Hardcore I can see which maps are played most. I always do pk3 clean up at the end of each month based on statistics of what servers says to me and not based on 1 or 5 players.


name             = venice
times_played     = 1007
last_played      = 56
total_votes      = 20740
vote_eligible    = 20326


For CTF_pool



That being said if so called "pro" called players fail to vote for their maps then I would say they are just as dumb as new players. I do remove maps if I see enough complains for that map in the map suggestion / feedback section. But for maps I would definitely suggest to make your own ideal map and we can run it on server. Eventually, in the end many server admins including me will be happy to see no FPS drop map!

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I'll hit on some of these topics a bit.


1. Limit's on class or weapon regeneration

Let me say this, if you can have more rifle nades than meds on a team, somethings wrong. Lets say your et pro servers dies due to activity, which i'm hearing they did. That i'm willing to bet was due more to the game version and patch type than experiance or class limits. If you have a server where you leave unlimited rnades and encourage panzers, you will continue to encourage xp whoring to some degree and obhective will be meaningless. ( and yes i know it's pretty much meaningless now) I don't see any reason to need more than 3 coverts, 2 rnades and 2 heavy weapons on any map. That has nothing to do with game or version type, just to much spamming. You limit artillery to 45 secs or so, why not limit rnade recharging and panzer recharging rates down to help combat spam, it would only help server lag issues as well.



2 Lag

I don't play on hardcore very much. I however play on etpub every second i play enemy territory pretty much, unless i'm scrimming/playing matches. Here is my personal experiance on the 2 servers. Let me first start by saying by mtu and rwin, along with my other windows tcp\ip setting are correct and tweaked. I have comcast as an ISP, and average 20 megs or more down and 3 megs or more up on my connection. (see sig) Hardcore definantly plays better as far as lag wise between the 2 servers for myself. I get packet loss on et pub, but it's not everytime I play, and everyone will be saying lag on the server, or be describing the tell tell red lines in the lag-o-meter. Since I can conclude that it's not on my end, and i'm not the only one having the problem it is something server side. Whether it's a bandwith/machine issue from the server provider, or it's game version/ enemy territory files or maybe even evenbalance, I have no idea.



3. Conclussion or short version (If you read like peter read this) <3 peter


Will any of these issues keep me from playing on the servers? No

However, I know I would enjoy the game better with atleast some better class restrictions. If you dont want to limit the number of class, turning down recharge or panzers and rnades should be more than fair. I mean why limit field ops and not randes and panzers? As far as lag, I will do some client side tests and document them as well as poll the server when i'm experiancing said symptoms. This should help tell more about what is causing issues and how we can improve it. I however think this is more of the gamemmod issue than anything else. That's just personal opinion however.


I however do thank DD and all the staff for their work on the servers and forums, I know you can't make everyone happy. :thanks

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  • Administrators

F|A Core Box has all what you asked for. Feel free to use it. More or less this is present Etpub server.




And i get perfect stable 62 FPS from my laptop on Etpub.




Now even if someone is not happy, they can press the donate button on website.




PM me the host you want and we can start Etpub server on that host. If anyone donates me for new host feel free to post here only so all can see who donated.

Let's see who sends me money for new host.

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