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Map Stategies: Battery

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if there ever was a one-sided map in ET it's battery. this map is like purpose built to spawnkill the allies. can we say 30 minutes of artillery spam and spawn sniping?? against a timid allied team, 3 axis players ( a Fop, a Med and a Covop ) can hold off 8-10 people for a long time.. but allies can dominate the map if the axis get overconfident and sloppy or the allies know what to do. there are versions of the map where you can dyno the backdoor, but first lets talk about 'regular' battery.




this map can really, really suck for allies if you are on a pub server where the axis can spam artillery. in clanbase config, with no xp-fueled constant arty, it still sucks, but the principles for winning are the same.. there is going to be arty, and you are going to get sk, and your kill/death is not going to be good. get over it. winning battery against a team that has their poo together takes TEAMWORK like any other map, but battery also takes SACRIFICE. yes, you can tj up the beach without building the ramp, or you can stack players to get up without the ramp, but then it's 1vs 5 when you get up there, even if you have surprise on your side. you can have success winning this way but don't count on it. it's best to concentrate on the ramp.


battery is best won FAST before the axis can get set up to easily mow down everyone on the beach repeatedly. 99% of the time someone is going to toss an airstrike as soon as the map starts so watch for it and back off if necessary.. but the team needs to get the ramp built as quickly as possible. it's a totally different game once the allies have the bunker. half the team should spam the bunker and top of the ramp with grenades and/or artillery while at least two engineers go for the ramp with medic(s) following. all the medics need to do is keep the engineers alive and the rest of the team not building the ramp supressing the axis fire on the engis at the ramp. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE RAMP!! on pubs alot of people will waste their teams time by going to the back door to wait for an idiot on the axis team to open it for them. waste of time. if anyone on axis goes onto the beach or opens the back door they will get yelled at vehemently by their team, so don't expect it to happen, especially not in a scrim. your team needs you at the beach. there are alot of ET players that don't like getting killed all the time too and want to hide behind the rocks and snipe, or fire mortars or panzers, or whatever. your team needs you at the ramp. a sniper can help to keep the axis out of the bunker windows or the front of the cliff, but you shouldn't spare more than 1 person for this. when the ramp is built the allies need to all rush up it, not just 1-2 ppl, because the whole axis team will be waiting for them at the top.


1) the bunker mgs can wipe out anyone trying to build the ramp. spam grenades into the windows ( 2 grenades disable the mg ) and protect your engineer/medic squad going for the ramp

2) a combination of medics and engineers need to go for the ramp suicidally. you'll probably get blow up but you will be stuck on the beach forever if you don't get the ramp built. battery is a map about SACRIFICE.

3) when the ramp is built a GROUP needs to rush up it ASAP. concentrate fire on any covert ops rushing to satchel the ramp.

4) until the axis are wise to it, engineers should NOT go for the flag. instead head directly toward the guns to plant dyno. if you capture the flag, the axis will spawn between you and the obj, so your best bet to win is to sneak past them up the ramp early in the game. the rest of allies keep the axis occupied if an engineer gets by and don't grab the flag just yet either. when dyno is planted, THEN take the flag, as the axis should be on the retreat it should be an easy grab.

5) as soon as you take the bunker, there should be axis uniforms lying around. now is the time for a group to split off and try the backdoor while the other part of the team keeps the flag and keep rushing into the base as a diversion. with the command post built and a covop who STAYS OUTSIDE and keeps opening the doors for the allied engineers to sneak in can really throw the axis defense off guard as their attention is split between the two entrances. hanging out at the backdoor waiting for a uni is a waste of time. don't go for this until you have the bunker spawn and can easily get uniforms.

6) grenades, panzers and flamethrowers are devastating in the close-quarters fighting inside battery. again you will probably need to make sacrifices and die many times to win this map. don't waste time defending your spawn - keep pushing forward. if you can split your team and attack from both ends, both entrances have a chance to win.. if you are killed at least you took someone's attention away, maybe your m8s can get in. the engineers are prime targets because they are the ones that win the game, so medics need to stay joined to their hips and revive them and help to defend dyno when it is planted.

7) whenever dyno is planted axis should be rushing back to defuse it. now is the time for everyone to sprint towards gun together - many times it is the 2nd dyno planted that wins, if the allied team can come into gun controls behind the axis engineers, kill them as they defuse, plant another dyno -- then instead of one engineer who snuck in and planted you have 3-4 guys to defend the dyno. so be careful not to rush in to try to kill the engineers right away; you may be better off letting them defuse the first one if it means you have more m8s with you to defend a 2nd dyno.



if you find yourself stuck on the beach, a field op can call artillery on top of the beach to keep snipers confined to a few spots, and riflenades/mortars and panzers are useful for keeping the west bunker windows clear. overall winning battery for the allies is about building that ramp and getting into the gun controls though, and that takes people soaking up fire. don't forget that and be willing to "take 31 for the team" and the map will not be as hard as you thought if the whole allied squad will behave this way. staying alive hiding behind a rock DOES NOT WIN THIS MAP. an engineer with 6 kills and 41 deaths -- that's what wins battery. work together and be willing to let your K/D ratio take a hit and you can say "poo on the arty whores, we won!"

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Thanks for the help. Appreciate. I will add few tips more.


We use modified map script by Ragnar and i modified little bit according to my needs and to get more FPS out of that map.


Here is the new SS of battery.


---The Allied command map on map start:



---The Axis command map on map start, note that the command post and all MG nests are already built and note the Axis spawn flag near the Backdoor (in the lower right):



---The materials to build the Bunker Assault Ramp are located inside the bunker near the North-West MG nest:



---The Bunker Assault Ramp opens a new way into the bunker for Allies. Axis can destroy this ramp with satchel or dynamite:



---Removed all spawns at the command post. Axis can spawn near the Backdoor (as long as their command post is up), Allies spawn at the beach or inside the West Bunker (after the flag is taken). Additionally the East Bunker MG nests are removed.

Note: Check below for Frontline mod description.




-------New spawn:

There are 3 objectives which influence the front line point count:

Axis command post (when down: Allies get 1 front line point)

Allied command post (when built: Allies get 1 front line point)

Backdoor (when down: Allies get 1 front line point)


When all 4 spawn places are used, then a player automatically uses a closest spawn place.




-------he Axis spawn near the Backdoor as long as the Axis command post is up:



----Axis can rebuild the Backdoor. Allies can destroy a rebuilt Backdoor with satchel or dynamite (to destroy it for the first time they still need dynamite):


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Allies morter can use east spawn and go on the left path (the short one that leads to nowhere). On the slope that faces the west bunker, aim the morter at 40 degrees. It will land inside the bunker.



not really 40 degrees but my mortar pwns there

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