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Hello all


When you put the bots spec they keep coming back in the team.

Past week ive seen more guys asking to put bots spec but i noticed other bots kept joining in stead.

Why do you guys use this setting? any reason for it? and if not, it would be cool if you can put them spec :)




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For one month me and Barb are telling you to stop putting them to spec cuz they always come back..

it a useless work for you..


they will come till the server have enough players....


i think its the system that is maked like that..


Next time plz ear the advises of the admins..


and idk if DD can do something...lets see what he will say about it..



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uhm i think i did not explain this well :/


what me and other players would like to see is a change in the setting.

when you are 7vs7 its perfect to play without bots, but now we need 10vs10 players, otherwise there are always bots

hope i explained it better now



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