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^^ upload/download basically doesn't matter. Ping is the only thing important for gaming (and of course 'some' upload/download)



In the Netherlands, you might have fiber to the home (I have :P). I know the location of the 'hub', which is for the fiber about 300meters away (that's about 63oF) and for coax 250meters away (about 14 tablespoons, learn the metric system :P). Let's say these are equal.


On that distance it's less than 1ms to travel for light (actually, about 1us), however due to the aspect of the cable (about 35% lower in fiber than vacuum, light bouncing) you'd get a slightly higher delay (let's say 2us, which is hard overestimation). For coax these are worse (I've seen the calculation somewhere once, but it was 1. Dutch and 2. in a reply to a newspost I can't find), yet for realistic distances (don't live on a farm). Basically, light is either on or off, it damps out very quickly. For electricity you only have about 66% the speed of light over coper (roughly), but it damps out much slower. Yet, imagine we are talking about 100 times slower, then the difference is still less than 1ms. And 100 times slower is not realistic, my (wild) guess would be closer to 2 to 10 times.


After that hub, everything is (obviously) fiber to the center.



For the best gaming performance, upload/download/coax/fiber/distance to hub doesn't matter. Location of the server wrt your location is important, we're talking about 1 or 2ms. For Abnerdog, I know it's in chicago, which is about 2.000km away from here (no need to translate that, right?). But that gives a ping of ~10ms under the best conditions; considering the number of switches in between that adds up hard. Especially wrt the distance home to the (first) fiber, which is nearly canceled out.

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