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IOS7 what your thoughts?


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Hey all




Theres the link to the ios7 page and whats your thoughts on it? I think it looks great, bit white but still ill enjoy it. i cant wait to use it, whats your thought of it?


Thanks Stealth



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Doesnt look much impressive. iOS followed the 'trend' of 2d icons and most UIs out there follow this trend like google products, windows etc.


Multitasking feature is same as andriod except its horizantal. Gallery, camera looks bit different though.

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I am really looking forward to it.  I have a friend here at work that put the beta on already and its a very clean OS.  I know this is already on android, but the quick setting is the best feature for me.  I love how you can quickly turn bluetooth on and off.  I also love the now built in flashlight...   I only played with it for 5 mins or so, but I am looking forward to getting the release version on my phone.

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More of the same, nothing innovative. One thing that bugged me http://chris.millr.org/ios-7-looks-familiar-cant-quite-put-my-finger-on-it/

Worst part about it is apple will probably sue microsoft for copyright infringement. Apple has always stolen gui and claimed it as innovative. 

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I don't upgrade until a few months after the update is available.  Why you may ask?  Well a phone is phone.  If I can write a text message, make a phone call, maybe play a little plants vs zombies.  I'm good, no need to update iTunes forces me to do it.

BTW the new iphones are stupid.  Why such a big deal to make them colored when everyone is just going to put them in a case?

Apple is over-saturating the market with their products and updates that when something new does come out it has no sparkle because we already know something better should be coming out the next year which will cause buyers to wait.

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