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hello again :')


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Whats up everyone ,

                            My name is tom but the members from a couple years back might still remember me as .:MoRB!d=-.

have been trying to get my old account back im still an ET member but due to changing emails, forgetting passwords, bullshit and also exgirlfriends changing passwords out of spite I have no way of getting back on my old account.

But anyway im keen to play with everyone even if I have to earn my membership back im cool with that and really all I wanna know is how the hell  are we  all and whos poppin the most heads these days :P lost so much skills haha (not that i was that great anyway :lol ).

Have missed you all lots of love and i hope to play with yous all again soon , and if any admins might be able to help me out getting my old account back would be greatly appreciated if not morbidity's a cool name haha just have to build this profile up to be as awesome as my last one!


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Itsy Bitsy Spider omfg MORBIDDDDDDD u fuktard where have u been ...


Anyways good 2 have u back 

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down came the rain and washed poor insy outtttt!

missedd you baska i been in the same place haha have to get back on xfire soon when i get  new  mic/headphones!!

thankyou everyone cant wait to get to know all these new  names and play with you all!


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