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Pickup trucks...tailgate up or down when traveling?

Ol Smoke

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I saw show on Mythbusters about this and they came to the conclusion that having the tailgate up gave them more mpg.

On that show it showed that a bubble of air was created in the box and the oncoming air was directed up and over the tailgate very smoothly.

I always thought that putting that screen mesh back there was a bad idea.  I guess I was right.

NASCAR did a test on their truck series trucks and found the same thing.  Tailgate up was better.


Here is a test from Chevy.  See what you think.





Happy trails.

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Yea because with tailgate up you would create more drag. (thank god I pay attention in science) Yea that is test is pretty cool.

You mean with the tailgate up you would create LESS drag. Which results in higher mpg.

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Someone should test to see if the same truck can attain better MPG with a camper shell, or a tonneua cover (or however the f*** you spell it)

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I actually recognized this phenomenon when we were driving down a dirt road one day with the tailgate down. (Yes wolfie down)  The dirt cloud behind us seemed to be swirling inside the bed

of the truck instead of streaming behind us.  So I stopped and put the tailgate up and then looked back and it was clean air behind the truck for about 20 feet.  So ever since then I have always

traveled with the tailgate up and also because the truck looks better with the tailgate up.


Wolfie you get a C- for not paying attention  and a D- for not correcting your spelling errors.

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Some tv show, maybe Mythbuster, did this test and found it is more efficient with the tailgate up.

I think someone didn't read the first post ;)

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